Premium Flavored Fruit Salad Economical Supplies MATERIALS AND CAPITAL ESTIMATIONS PER SEPTEMBER 2019 EAST JAVA AREA MADIUN Word: Purchase a darkish salad bowl at Dolopo, Varied Wholesale, I am not endorsed, I am simply letting you already know the situation of low cost gadgets in Madiun which hopefully may also help mates who’re need this fruit salad enterprise. 1 recipe makes 15-16 cups @400 ml DRESSING INGREDIENTS [SAUS SALAD]

360 gr or 2 packs of Mayo packaging @ 180 gr Mayonnaise maestro 7500×2 = Rp. 15.000 2 bottles or 500 ml Yogurt Drink Cimory plain Rp. 15000 Home made Condensed Sauce that we make ourselves with the next ingredients and strategies: INGREDIENTS AND HOW TO MAKE HOMEMADE CONDITIONED SAUCE 200 gr SKM or 5 sachets of sweetened condensed milk Rp. 1600 x 5 = Rp. 8000 300 ml water 1 tablespoon stuffed with cornstarch, dissolve with cup water, combine nicely. Rp. 800 HOW TO MAKE: Add water and SKM right into a saucepan. Convey to a boil after which add the cornstarch answer. Prepare dinner and stir till thickened. Flip off the warmth, let it quiet down a bit. Put aside. TOPPING 300 gr cheese [Merek Win], grated lengthwise Rp. 16,800 120 gr of sliced ​​strawberries into 2 Rp. 11000 1 Kiwi, thinly sliced ​​and in order that it turns into so much Rp. 12,000 Mint leaves 16 items Rp. 2000 PCS 1 Pineapple, reduce into small items Rp. 5000 6 medium-sized apples, diced Rp. 29,000 giant Watermelon, diced Rp. 13000 500 gr Purple wine, reduce into 2, take away seeds Rp. 22,000 2 giant mangoes Rp. 11.000 200 gr longan, break up into 2, take away seeds Rp. 10,000 400 gr nutrijel, diced [1 Bungkus nutrijel kemasan 15 gr dimasak dengan 450 ml air dan 4-5 sdm gula pasir, dinginkan, potong dadu] Rp. 5000 200 gr Nata De Coco Rp. 7000 MISCELLANEOUS Cup 400 ml diameter 11.5 cm, peak 5.5 cm worth Rp. 950 x 16 = Rp. 15,200 GAS Rp. 1200 TOTAL CAPITAL IE: Rp. 199,000. The promoting worth of the fruit salad is determined by the stuffing of the fruit. Because the fruit used right here is all costly, so the promoting worth per 1 cup is round Rp. 20,000-Rp.25,000. Thus, the turnover obtained is within the vary of Rp. Rp. 320,000-400,000. If the fruit filling is changed with cheaper fruit, akin to including extra watermelon, then including yam, then lowering the grapes could be changed with melon, or changing longan with rambutan, Fuji apples being changed with native apples, and so forth. Then the capital could be decreased and the value of salad may also be decreased to round Rp. 15,000-18,000. TIPS: To make it extra sturdy for salad dressings, the packaging could be separated, pack it by inserting it in a separate plastic clip. Salad sauce that’s stirred on the identical time, the result’s much less sturdy when saved. The style and texture are straightforward to alter, so it is not contemporary anymore on the third day of storage. In the meantime, if the salad dressing is poured one after the other, even on day 3, the style and texture of the salad remains to be the identical: it is nonetheless contemporary and scrumptious just like the style of the salad. nonetheless contemporary. If saved within the fridge, this salad remains to be contemporary and scrumptious till day 4. If it has been greater than 4 days, the salad isn’t stale, however the freshness and pleasure is getting much less and fewer. Fruit salad with separate dressing packaging, it might hold contemporary within the fridge for about 5-7 days. Fruit salad at room temperature can solely hold contemporary for 10 hours. Don’t retailer fruit salad within the freezer as it is going to spoil the style and texture of the salad. You possibly can modify the ingredients, for instance, make extra mayonnaise, or make the thick sauce thicker or barely thicker, and so forth., or for instance, cut back the dose of Cimory yogurt to simply 1 bottle, or enhance it to three bottles, it is okay. Up to now no downside, solely modifications in texture and style. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t add different ingredients that haven’t been examined, for instance by including UHT milk, evaporated milk and even Greek yogurt. Since I’ve made it earlier than, I added cup of evaporated milk, and three tablespoons of Greek yogurt. In consequence, the fruit salad was solely scrumptious and contemporary on the primary day. After the 2nd and third day the style turns into a bit bitter. The freshness of the salads can be a lot decreased. Perhaps due to the addition of evaporated milk whose freshness doesn’t final lengthy when blended with fruit. In order that it might harm the feel and style of the salad when saved for greater than 1 day. .