Hello everybody,

Please put together the ingredients for this scrumptious beef soup



500 gr diced beef with tendons or lamb (or lamb tendons (prepare dinner first eith strain cooker)
15 pcs shalot
8 pcs garlics
2cm ginger (grind all of them with a little bit bit water until clean)
– then stir fried it with 4-5 tbs oil until smells good
– put aside

1 1/2 tsp coriander
2 pinch cumin
1/2 nutmeg
4-5 pcs clove
3-4 pcs cinnamon flakes
1 slc galangal
1 tsp pepper
3tbs salt
2 tbs sugar
2tsp beef powder
500 cc milk
300 cc water
1tbs SAMIN MARGARINE (oil which normally use for Murtabak – indian meals)

2 pcs bay leaves
5 pcs lemon leaves
2 pcs lemon grass

Half ripe of tomatoes (greeb tomatoes)
Lemon juice (see my video what lemon you shoul use)
2-3 pcs steamed potatoes (peel and minimize into small items)

prepare dinner:
1. Stir fried the grinded ingredients, like a paste and smells good
2. Put together a pan fill with water and milk
3. Add all ingredients n put the meat or lamb
4. Seasonings
5. Decelerate the hearth and add the Samin Oil…
6. Let thr beef soak up the ingredients for about 30 minutes utilizing a small hearth…
7. Put together the bowl, put the potatoes, and add the meat n soup… add the sliced tomatoes, sambal, and lemon juice…. And likewise Melinjo Crackers or Shrimp Crackers (in asian market)
8. Serve when it’s scorching

Pleased Cooking
With love,
Lembah ❤️😘🇮🇩




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