The Peddlers of Asia is a real-life documentary about meals peddlers of Asia , their untold tales, their secret recipe, their tradition and their way of life. Meals peddlers are a standard sight in Asia. Each peddler has a singular human curiosity story to inform. Tales that mirror their tradition, their economic system, their way of life, ideas and beliefs. Behind each wood cart, is a vibrant persona. Why do they select to hawk meals? What’s the future for these meals peddlers? Are we seeing the final era of those meals peddlers? What are their struggles?

This sequence will uncover the peddlers’ untold tales, recipes, tradition and way of life. On this fast-developing period, meals peddlers stay because the trademark in Asia with their low-cost and good meals and attribute carts. This documentary will convey viewers into the native markets, villages, streets and again alleys of Asian international locations. In spite of everything, road meals is the perfect technique to glimpse the guts of a tradition. Shot in HD, Peddlers of Asia 2 will embrace much more Asian international locations identified for its vibrant sights and sounds.

Meet the undiscovered Cooks in The Peddlers of Asia!

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