Seldom do you encounter a meal whose visual is as effective and excellent as the magnificent paella. Usually served in a big, unsteady pan, the sight and odor alone of this Spanish reward is constantly one to see. Vibrant, vibrant and overruning with ingredients, every bite of paella is a pleasure overflowing with a lot of various textures and tastes. Paella is among those meals that features a broad variety of ingredients, yet they all handle to combine together in a meal so pleasing it’s difficult to withstand. And when you’re making seafood paella in specific? You’ll never ever desire your seafood another method ever once again!

Today we’ll be discovering how to make this simple seafood paella. No requirement to secure any unique pan for this one; simply the one you have at home will suffice to make this Spanish classic. Keep reading prior to you dig in!

Seafood Paella

Picture your timeless fried rice however with more spices, herbs, and– you thought it– seafood. That’s precisely what seafood paella is and more! This meal came from the Valencian area of Spain. Valencians frequently describe paella as one of their recognizing signs– however those who are less knowledgeable about the nation’s specific location regard it to be the nationwide meal of Spain as an entire! This is unsurprising, naturally; paella takes the crown for being the most well recognized meal in all of Spanish food!

The word paella itself originates from the Valencian word for fry pan. This, too, is to be anticipated; a fry pan is what you prepare paella in after all! Generally, however, the fry pan we utilize for paella is a big one, made from polished or covered steel with 2 side manages to bring it. These pans, being big and large in nature, can bring all the various ingredients paella needs to provide. You typically serve the meal in the very same pan too– piping hot and prepared to be feasted on!

Another possible etymology of paella would be from the Arabic word bagaayya, suggesting leftovers. The claim discovers assistance in the 8th century customized of kings’ servants bringing home rice, chicken, and veggies their companies left at the end of the meal. This mishmash of aspects is likewise a fantastic sign of what seafood paella resembles: a marital relationship of various presents from both land and sea, integrating to develop one unstoppable meal!

Seafood paella is among the most popular variations of this ageless meal. However there are a lot of other versions of paella offered for any type of eater! The initial, conventional variation, paella valenciana, includes rice, green beans, and other meat: believe bunny, beef, pork, and lamb! Later after integrating these ingredients, chefs would prepare the very same in a pairing of olive oil and broth, whether it be chicken, seafood, or beef. The brilliant and surprising yellow shades of this meal originate from its addition of saffron. Meaty and filling, it’s not surprising that paella won the hearts of the Valencian area– and quickly, the entire nation and world!

easy seafood paella recipe

On The Other Hand paella de marisco, or seafood paella, likewise saw a rice (pun meant!) in appeal. Rather of the much heavier meats, paella de marisco uses lighter choices: seafood! Shrimp, squid, mussels, and in some cases even fish replace beef or pork in this tasty performance. If you want to be a bit more speculative, you can do as lots of have actually done prior to you and make arros negre, including rice and squid– and lots of squid ink! It’s this squid ink that offers your meal a much darker shade, particularly when you compare it to other variations of paella that are light and vibrant.

With a history as abundant and as deep as its taste, seafood paella has actually been around for a very long time. And offered just how much individuals like it, it makes certain to be around for even longer!

What does seafood paella taste like?

If you’re a seafood enthusiast, this seafood paella truly may simply send you to foodie paradise and back. Take one spoonful of this meal (and beware to blow; it’ll certainly be hot!), and right away you’ll be met the very best tastes the sea needs to provide. Keep in mind the subtle sweet taste of your shrimp; the chewiness of your squid; and the unique umami taste of your mussels. These integrate amazingly with your other veggies: subtle green peas, summery and tasty red bell peppers, and naturally, the lively tomato. And when you have spices like saffron and smoked paprika too? Discuss a taste surge! Each bite will leave you finding something brand-new to like about this by far terrific meal.

However the seafood is just part of what makes seafood paella a standout meal. Another star of the program has got to be the rice that you prepare in the very same pan! Undoubtedly, this grain might taste moderate in the beginning, however preparing it with your other ingredients enough time leaves it to absorb all these other tastes! Even simply the rice by itself suffices to make such a gratifying and yummy meal. And when it’s prepared enough time, and the edges of the pan have charred it? You get the crispy, crispy little bits of rice you’ll need to combat everybody else for! It’s perhaps the very best part of seafood paella– and paella in basic– and you certainly will not wish to lose out!

Ingredients in seafood Paella

Seafood paella, like we have actually discussed, includes a myriad of ingredients! All of these are important to the general pleasurable and tasty meal you experience with every bite. Here are a few of the fundamentals.

seafood paella ingredients
  • Shrimp Probably among the stars of the program, shrimp is the well-rounded seafood everybody can’t assist however like! Your seafood paella simply would not be total without it! Ensure to clean it well prior to including it into your meal. Whether you keep the skin on or off depends on you, however I personally enjoy it with the skin; it’s more tasty that method later! We likewise utilize one Knorr shrimp cube in this seafood paella recipe to more deepen that tastiness!
  • Squid rings These rings benefit more than simply calamari! The chewiness of your squid includes a layer of texture to your currently vibrant meal. Plus, it quickly soaks up all the other herbs and spices you’ll be contributing to make your seafood paella even more delicious. Every ring is a wonderful and enjoyable surprise!
  • Mussels Mussels aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, however in this seafood paella they’re simply too great to skip on! It’s beyond pleasing taking a bite of this tasty, salted seafood, particularly when you integrate it with the other ingredients in your paella. If mussels aren’t offered, clams, a smaller sized shellfish, would be your next finest bet!
  • Paella rice The most typically utilized rice in paella is bomba, which is a shot-grain rice that handles to both keep liquid taken in and remain company. Your grains area at your regional shops will most likely have actually items particularly identified “paella rice” that you can decide to acquire. However do not fret if you remain in a bind; regular rice will work! Simply keep in mind that the texture and taste of your meal might wind up somewhat various. Regardless, it’ll still be pleasurable!
  • Saffron Have you ever questioned what offers your seafood paella that brightness? We discussed previously that everything relates to one specific component: saffron! This spice is sweet and flower upon very first bite; it’s got an intricacy that sets splendidly with the rest of your paella’s ingredients without subduing other tastes! Beyond simply tasting great and contributing in a big, vibrant method, saffron is likewise filled with nutrients that make every serving of seafood paella even healthier.

And yes, the meal is called seafood paella– however it would be absolutely nothing without these other yummy parts that make this meal an outright stunner!

  • Green peas Though these frequently tend to polarize eaters, make no error– including green peas to your seafood paella will be the very best choice to make! This compact veggie brings with it both a sweet and tasty side, that almost finishes your seafood paella. It’s a fantastic source of vitamins C and E, too, in addition to other nutrients that will assist reinforce your body immune system!
  • Red bell peppers With a strong, unique taste, red bell pepper is among those ingredients that really makes itself understood. However much like saffron, rather of subduing other ingredients, it handles to match them beautifully! Red bell peppers include another layer of color to your currently distinctive meal, making it feel a lot more like a feast!
  • Tomatoes Little pieces of this fruit (or is it a veggie?) make all the distinction! It includes a little sweet taste and cuts through the richness of all the other aspects of an ideal seafood paella– keeping the consistency of tastes all of us understand and like.

Include your paprika, onion, and garlic, too, and you can now make your seafood paella! Keep reading to see simply how simple making this seafood paella can be. It will not be long prior to you can begin enjoying it!

How to Make Seafood Paella

The initial step in your seafood paella is to prepare your seafood

Seafood Paella Step 1

This starts with heating oil and pan frying your shrimp till both sides turn orange. Then, in a different pan, fry your squid rings individually for about thirty seconds. Even more, you’ll require another pan to pan fry the mussels for about 1 minute. When all of your seafood has actually been prepared and you’re pleased with the very same, set them aside.

Later on, you can begin preparing the rice itself in a pan!

Seafood Paella Step 2

Start by sautéing your garlic and onion pieces. Include your Knorr Shrimp cube, paprika, and paella rice. Then, sauté this for about a minute prior to gathering 3 1/2 cups of water. Bring your mix to a boil. Once it’s bubbling, you can include your other parts: tomatoes, green peas, parsley, and saffron. Season your meal with salt and ground black pepper, and stir, ensuring to mix all the ingredients well. Cover your meal with a cover and cook till your rice is done.

The fragrance of your rice, with the Shrimp cube, paprika, and other veggies will be one that’s difficult to withstand! Examine your rice and see if it’s ended up. Once it has, you can now top it with your red bell pepper pieces, in addition to the seafood you prepared prior. Prepare it for the last 2 minutes– and voila! Easily, your seafood paella is done! Easy peasy, right?

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Serve your paella in a pan (the conventional method!) and include a number of lemon wedges when you do. These lemon wedges and their citrusy taste will cut through the tasty and salted tastes of your paella. Call your liked ones over, and share and enjoy this magnificent display screen of the tastes of the sea!

What to Serve with Seafood Paella

By Itself, seafood paella is currently rather a filling meal, and you do not frequently require other main dishes to opt for it. However if you’re searching for some extra sides, here are a couple of that may simply satisfy!

You’ll wish to match your seafood paella with something on the lighter side. Because case, I suggest a good and simple salad. And you can never ever fail with an excellent caesar salad! With garlic croutons, cheese, and garlic, this meal is both tasty however likewise really kind to the stomach. It leaves you pleased with its taste, however likewise leaves your stomach with sufficient space to take pleasure in the paella you consume together with it.

Another meal that I would suggest would be these baked parmesan potatoes! Similar to the Spanish patatas bravas, these potatoes are a good treat, practically however not rather french fries, that featured a complete burst of taste with every bite. I take pleasure in these baked parmesan potatoes by themselves, however consuming them together with your seafood paella? You remain in for a hearty, delightful meal!

And speaking of potatoes, you likewise can’t fail with these potato croquettes! This meal integrates 2 things individuals generally love: mashed potatoes, and deep fried food. Croquettes will match the taste of your seafood paella completely. (And even if you do not have seafood paella on hand, they sure do make a fantastic treat!)

how to cook the easiest seafood paella

However if it’s a dessert you seek, cap off a doubtlessly great meal with the sweet, decadent leche flan! This caramelly custard leaves little to be wanted, and is the best dessert to couple with a cup of black coffee after a filling meal.

Did you enjoy this spectacular seafood paella? Let us understand what you believed in the remarks listed below!

Easy Seafood Paella

Standard paella with shrimp, mussel, and squid.

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  • 1 pound. shrimp cleaned up
  • 3 ounces squid rings
  • 1 pound. mussels
  • 1 Knorr Shrimp cube
  • 2 cups paella rice
  • 1 cup green peas
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons saffron
  • 2 1/2 teaspoons smoked paprika
  • 1 red bell pepper sliced
  • 1 tomato diced
  • 1 onion minced
  • 4 cloves garlic minced
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 3 tablespoons parsley minced
  • 3 1/2 cups water
  • Salt and ground black pepper to taste


  • Heat oil. Pan-fry shrimp till both sides turn orange. Likewise, fry the squid rings individually for around 30 seconds. Independently pan-fry the mussels for 1 minute. Reserve.

  • Sauté garlic and onion.

  • Include Knorr Shrimp cube, paprika, and paella rice. Continue sautéing for 1 minute.

  • Pour-in the water and let it boil. Include tomato, green peas, parsley, and saffron. Season with salt and ground black pepper. Stir. Cover and prepare till the rice is done.

  • Leading with red bell pepper and seafood. Cover and continue cooking for 2 minutes.

  • Serve with lemon wedges. Share and take pleasure in!


Calories: 409 kcal| Carbohydrates: 61 g| Protein: 18 g| Fat: 10 g| Hydrogenated Fat: 2 g| Polyunsaturated Fat: 2 g| Monounsaturated Fat: 6 g| Cholesterol: 54 mg| Salt: 398 mg| Potassium: 565 mg| Fiber: 4 g| Sugar: 4 g| Vitamin A: 1682 IU| Vitamin C: 49 mg| Calcium: 69 mg| Iron: 4 mg