A great deal of individuals credit chicken as the most flexible, and most convenient sort of meat to prepare with. And while it holds true that the breast meat tastes tasty in numerous kinds of recipes, I would state that you can’t ignore pork chops for its flexibility either. This meat cut can be enjoyed in numerous methods, and never ever stops working to be a crowd pleaser either. Therefore I assembled this collection of methods to have some Quick and Easy Pan Fried Pork Chop.

Unlike my other recipe short articles you might recognize with, this handle 3 various methods you can have your pork chops. Therefore if you would like something on the juicy, tender side, we have the Fundamental Fried Pork Chop right here for you. Want something with a bit more texture, and layers to its meaty goodness? Go with the Flour Coated Pork Chop! And lastly, if you can’t withstand some crispiness, the Breaded Pork Chop recipe is best for you.

However I would state the very best option of the 3 would certainly be to attempt all of them at the same time! Because these are quite easy to make, it would still be useful to attempt every type as they can fit any meal of the day, be it breakfast, lunch or supper!

We can start by going through the parts we will require for cooking today.

Ingredients we’ll be dealing with for Quick and Easy Pan Fried Pork Chops

Pork chops

Well, I believe it goes without stating that the very first thing we will require to contribute to the grocery cart are pork chops. Because we will attempt making 3 various methods to prepare your pork chops, go on, and grab 3 pieces for thisrecipe

This is a respectable meat to have when you have the best parts for your meals. That’s since pork chops are abundant in zinc, selenium, and a lot of other nutrients that can assist the body. Zinc plays a vital function in recovery your injuries, along with supporting the body immune system. You can likewise rely on getting a respectable quantity of protein from pork chops, which is fantastic in assisting you feel complete. Plus, it’s great for keeping your energy levels up throughout the day.

Knorr SavorRich Pork Liquid Spices

A a great deal of mouthwatering recipes like to utilize a range of flavorings to truly improve the taste of the meal. However you can in fact choose a faster way to the procedure of determining your spices and such by opting for a well-rounded flavoring. This Knorr SavorRich Pork Liquid Spices can supply all the richness in taste you would desire for your pork chops. This in fact works for all the kinds of pork chops we will be cooking today.

Pan Fried Pork Chops


What is a breaded recipe without some egg? Simply get 1 piece for this recipe, which we will beat. However keep in mind when you are purchasing this that you need to check for any fractures or marks. The very best sort of egg would be one with a clear shell.

All-purpose flour

You need to likewise have 3/4 cup of versatile flour all set for this. We will require flour for the last 2 kinds of pork slice recipes, which would obviously be the flour-coated one, and our breaded pork slice. This is genuinely required as it assists other extra layers like the egg, and for the case of the last sort of pork slice, bread crumbs hold on to the meat well. As such, we can avoid the ingredients from staying with the pan.

Panko bread crumbs

This is a component that would definitely can be found in useful if you are a fan of crispy recipes like this one. We require just 10 tablespoons of Panko bread crumbs for thisrecipe I enjoy this kind of bread crumbs particularly since it is rather light, which assists produce a rewarding crispiness that is not too heavy once we begin cooking.

However I ‘d state that other kinds of bread crumbs would work too, particularly if you have other choices in regards to the texture. In either case, what we require to attain is a finishing that will supply a crisp outside.

Cooking oil

Do not forget to prepare 2 cups of cooking oil as we will be doing a fair bit of frying for this meal. And we will require this generous quantity since we are dealing with layered pork chops. We truly wish to get that great crunch for such chops, therefore more oil is required.

All of your ingredients for our pork chops are all set! It’s time to begin cooking at last.

Making some Quick and Easy Pan Fried Pork Chops

Action 1: Spices and marinading the pork chops

Very first thing on our program is getting the pork chops we have actually got, and organizing them flat on a plate. Then take your cooking brush, and begin brushing them with Knorr SavorRich Pork Liquid Spices. Later on, you can turn the pieces of pork over, and brush them with this flavoring too. Make certain not to leave any parts out as we desire that taste to set deep into the chops. Now simply wait on 15 minutes so this can work as a marinade.

Action 2: Making the fundamental fried pork slice

Fried Pork Chops Recipe

Finished With the 15 minutes of letting that taste begin? Then it’s time to work up your fundamental fried pork slice, which is the most convenient to make. We will begin by getting around 1/4 cup of cooking oil. Put this into your pan, and let this warm up.

As soon as hot, you can put your marinaded pork slice within. With the heat on medium, simply prepare this for about 30 seconds. This is simply to let the external location cook rapidly, and supply a lovely brown color. Later on, take the heat to low, and keep frying this for 7 minutes.

Now you can simply turn the pork slice over the opposite, and repeat this cooking procedure. As soon as whatever is completely fried, you can simply take the pork slice out of the pan, and after that let all of the excess oil drip. We do not desire an oily pork slice, which likewise makes it less healthy general. Set this aside on your plate, however with some paper towel on it too. This will assist eliminate the excess oil too.

Action 3: Cooking the flour layered pork slice

Time to fry a somewhat thicker variation of our very first pork slice. Get your marinaded pork, and after that simply dredge this in flour. Cover the whole thing in flour, and after that position your pork slice in the bowl with our beaten egg. Likewise guarantee that this is layered totally in egg as this will work like a glue for our breading.

After this, you need to put the pork slice back in the container with flour. This assists supply a good and thick covering for our pork chops. Then we can prepare yourself for frying! Put 1 1/2 cups of cooking oil into your pan. We truly desire a great deal of oil for layered pork chops to get them great and crisp. As soon as your oil has actually fumed, you can include your flour-coated chops, and after that simply fry this in medium heat for 6 minutes.

As we did previously, we need to likewise turn the pork slice over. Repeat the procedure of frying from the very first side. And after that you’re made with this pork slice! It would be best to drain pipes any excess oil too prior to setting it aside. You need to likewise position this in your plate lined with paper towel.

Action 4: Preparing the breaded pork slice

Have we conserved the very best for last? This breaded pork slice is best for those who enjoy a rewarding crunch. The very first thing we should do is to dredge our marinaded pork slice in flour. And after that get your bowl of beaten egg, and dip the pork in this too. Lastly, it’s time to get our Panko bread crumbs, and dig up the pork slice here too. You will require to push the meat versus the bread crumbs well simply to make certain that they truly stick.

We will in fact simply utilize the exact same technique of frying as in our previous kind of pork slice. Simply warm up your oil, and after that fry the pork utilizing medium heat. After 6 minutes, we can turn the meat over, and after that prepare this side for another 6 minutes. Then eliminate this from your pan, and at this moment, you currently understand the drill. You can put this in the exact same plate lined with paper towel with the rest of our pork chops from earlier.

Step 5: Putting all of it together!

Simply take your plate of option, and set up all of your pan-fried pork chops here appropriately. This would be best with a dip that you like. Catsup works completely for me! However these are likewise rather satisfying by themselves so you can go without a sauce. You can likewise position some veggies you like on the side, such as carrots, or maybe some corn.

Quick and Easy Pan Fried Pork Chops Recipe

However obviously, we likewise can’t ignore some warm white rice to finish the formula. And after that that’s it! You have actually made all 3 Quick and Easy Pan Fried Pork Slices completely. Desire more concepts on what to prepare? Do not hesitate to scroll through Panlasang Pinoy’s site for clear directions on recreating your preferred meals.

And if you wonder about any action in this recipe, we have actually got the remarks area for that! Leave any inquiries or recommendations you have actually got listed below.

Quick and Easy Pan Fried Pork Chops Recipe


Quick and Easy Pan-Fried Pork Chops

3 simple methods to prepare Fried pork chops athome This recipe teaches you how to prepare fundamental fried pork slice, flour layered pork slice, and breaded fried pork slice.

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  • 3 pieces pork chops
  • 3 tablespoons Knorr SavorRich Pork Liquid Spices
  • 1 piece egg
  • 3/4 cup all-purpose flour
  • 10 tablespoons Panko bread crumbs
  • 2 cups cooking oil


  • Lay the pork chops flat on a big plate. Brush Knorr SavorRich Pork Liquid Spices on both sides of each pork slice. Let it remain for a minimum of 15 minutes.

  • Prepare the fundamental fried pork slice by heating 4 tablespoons of oil in pan. As soon as the oil fumes, pan-fry one piece of marinaded pork slice in medium heat for 30 seconds. Change the heat to low and continue to fry for 7 to 8 minutes. Turn the pork slice over therefore the exact same action on the opposite side. Get rid of from the pan. Reserve.

  • Start to prepare the flour layered fried pork slice by heating up the staying oil in a pan. Beat a piece of egg in a bowl. Dig up one piece of marinaded pork slice in versatile flour and after that dip in beaten egg. Dig up the pork slice back in flour and after that fry one side in medium heat for 6 minutes. Flip and continue to fry the opposite for the exact same quantity of time. Get rid of from the pan and put on a plate lined with paper towel. Reserve.

  • Prepare the breaded pork slice by digging up the staying pork in flour. Dip in beaten egg and after that dig up in Panko bread crumbs. Fry in medium heat for 6 minutes per side. Get rid of from the pan and put on a plate lined with paper towel.

  • Set up all pan-fried pork chops in a big serving plate. Serve! Share and take pleasure in!



Calories: 399 kcal| Carbohydrates: 47 g| Protein: 9 g| Fat: 18 g| Hydrogenated Fat: 2 g| Cholesterol: 55 mg| Salt: 265 mg| Potassium: 119 mg| Fiber: 2 g| Sugar: 2 g| Vitamin A: 80 IU| Calcium: 74 mg| Iron: 3.3 mg