Rhubarb desserts are a short lived seasonal pleasure that needs to not be missed out on. The charming pink color, appetizing taste, and crispy texture of rhubarb make it deserving of a starring function in lots of sensational spring desserts. Start at the top of this list and appreciate every one in turn, taking pleasure in the short lived however tasty taste of rhubarb while it lasts.

The marvel of rhubarb season is that it’s cruelly brief, particularly in the Northeast. It’s the very first precursor of warm weather condition, and, yet in no time, it’s over. Contribute to that that the leaves are lethal.

Yet, I still eagerly anticipate those ruby stalks every year.

I understand I can consume rhubarb throughout the year, thanks to the frozen food areas of the grocery store or the freezer in our basement. However the almost year-long anticipation for fresh stalks is simply as tasty as anything I make with rhubarb.

These 7 recipes are impressive examples of the season’s abundance. And the pairings! Rhubarb and ginger, rhubarb and strawberry, rhubarb and cardamom. Fantastic.

I’ll be making every one of them over the coming month or two. I hope you’ll join me.

A white baking dish filled with easy rhubarb crisp and a spoon resting in the center.

Leftovers of this simple rhubarb crisp are excellent for breakfast; simply replace yogurt for the whipped cream.


This rhubarb crisp recipe has actually ended up being a preferred for an easy, crowd pleasing reward. I like the subtle orange fragrance and the tart-sweet taste of this tasty crisp— Brendalyn S.

Four individual servings of cardamom panna cotta with rhubarb on a serving tray.

Cardamom panna cotta with rhubarb is a stylish, yet basic, dessert that uses seasonal rhubarb and even strawberries. A velvety base is instilled with cardamom, making it as alluring as it is simple.


Mini almond cake topped with sliced almonds and powder sugar, nearby a bowl of strawberry-rhubarb sauce.

This almond cake with strawberry-rhubarb compote develops an abundant, buttery, thick (in a beautiful method) cake made with almond paste and eggs. The sweetly tart cake is completely balanced out by the basic compote. And both can be made beforehand. Our sorta dessert!


I made the bigger size variation. The cake and the compote were tasty and extremely damp. This is a winner.— Karen D.

A whole baked rhubarb-ginger crostata on a piece of parchment paper.

Rhubarb-ginger crostata is just an expensive method to state single crust rhubarb pie. Easy yet sophisticated in a rustic sorta style.


A square baking dish filled with strawberry rhubarb crumble with balsamic drizzle, with a portion on a plate and a few strawberries on the side.

If anything screams spring and summer season, it’s the mix of strawberry and rhubarb. Tart, sweet, and carefully spiced with ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon, it’s simply as delicious for breakfast as it is for dessert.


With a best crispy collapse on top of savvily skilled rhubarb, this is strawberry rhubarb collapse is a dessert to bear in mind– and to make once again every year. I was delighted to have actually made 2 of them so I might offer one to my moms and dads. Though [shhhh] I kept the bigger one for myself.— Steve T.

A strawberry rhubarb pie with ginger crumb topping with some filling oozing from the pie.

Utilize the very best, best ingredients offered to include additional taste to this twist on the traditional strawberry-rhubarb pie.


I had actually left this recipe on the kitchen area counter for my hubby to see. When I came home from work, it remained in the oven. I would request this for my last meal.— Greg

Rhubarb Dessert Frequently Asked Questions

When is rhubarb in season?

Rhubarb season ranges from April to June, and is most plentiful in May.

Can I freeze rhubarb?

Certainly. You have a number of alternatives. You can freeze the rhubarb with or without blanching. Unblanched rhubarb might have a somewhat softer texture than blanched, however either is appropriate for baking.

To blanch and freeze rhubarb, wash and slice the rhubarb into 2-inch pieces, and cook in a pot of boiling water for 1 minute. Right away move them to an ice bath to stop the cooking. Drain pipes the rhubarb and spread it in a single layer on a flat pan and freeze up until strong.

To avoid the blanching action, just clean and slice the rhubarb into 2-inch pieces, then spread out in a single layer on a flat pan. Freeze up until strong.

Shop your frozen rhubarb in a resealable bag, eliminating as much air as possible, for approximately 1 year.

How do I prepare rhubarb prior to baking?

Prior to utilizing rhubarb, eliminate the leaves, if connected, and discard them. Wash the stalks and cut completions.

If you have extremely young, tender rhubarb, you can cut the stalks into pieces, as directed in your recipe and continue with the recipe.

If you have older, fully grown rhubarb, you will wish to eliminate the external layer or strings, which can be difficult to consume. Utilize a paring knife to peel back the external edge, and pull it off.

Sweet tart desserts are frequently the very first thing we think about when we see those very first ruby stalks of spring. Do not stop there, though. Rhubarb can be utilized in a lot of other methods, consisting of rhubarb jam, rose-colored applesauce, and even to make a rhubarb-infused vodka. What’s your preferred rhubarb recipe?

7 Rhubarb Dessert Recipes

A rhubarb brown sugar pie cut into 7 wedges with one slice missing.

Pie is unquestionably the very best method to take pleasure in tart rhubarb, and you will not discover one lovelier than this ☞ RHUBARB BROWN SUGAR PIE

Preparation 45 minutes

Cook 1 hr 10 minutes

Chilling time 1 hr 30 minutes

Overall 3 hrs 25 minutes

For the rhubarb pie filling

Make the pie dough

  • In a stand mixer fitted with a paddle accessory, mix together the flour, sugar, and salt for 10 to 15 seconds.

  • Cut the butter into 12 pieces and include it to the flour mix. Mix gradually up until the flour is no longer intense white and the mix holds together when you clump it, and there are still swellings of butter the size of pecans throughout, 60 to 90 seconds.

  • In a little bowl, blend together the egg yolks and milk and include them simultaneously to the flour-butter mix. Mix extremely quickly, simply up until it hardly comes together, about 30 seconds. It will look truly shaggy and more like a mess than a dough.

  • Discard the dough out onto a tidy work surface area and collect it together into a tight mound. Utilizing the heel of your hand, smear the dough, beginning at the top of the mound and moving your by far the sides of the mound along the work surface area, up until the majority of the butter pieces are smeared into the dough and the entire thing comes together. (This strategy is called fraisage and produces an incredibly flaky pie dough. Trust the French. They understand pastry.)

  • Wrap the dough securely in cling wrap and press it down to make a disk about 1 inch (25 mm) thick. Cool for a minimum of 1 hour prior to utilizing. (The dough can be kept in the fridge for approximately 4 days or in the freezer for approximately 4 weeks. Wrap in another layer of plastic if saving for more than 1 day.)

  • Get rid of the dough from the refrigerator about 15 minutes prior to utilizing it to soften a little.

  • Kindly flick some flour over the work surface area and present about two-thirds of the dough into an 11- or 12-inch (28- or 30-cm) circle. (Rewrap and cool the staying dough to utilize for the top.) Utilizing a pastry docker or fork, poke holes all over the dough.

  • Line a 9-inch (23-cm) ceramic, glass, or aluminum pie plate with the dough, leaving a 1/4-inch-wide (6-mm) lip around the edge (to enable shrinking in the oven).

  • Cool the pie shell for a minimum of thirty minutes. (At this moment you can cover the tart shell well in cling wrap and cool for approximately 1 day or freeze it for approximately 2 weeks. If frozen, the pie shell can be baked directly from the freezer.)

  • Preheat the oven to 350 ° F( 177 ° C) and position a rack in the center of the oven.

  • Get rid of the pie shell from the refrigerator and line it with parchment paper. Put pie weights, dried beans, or raw rice straight onto the parchment; fill the pie shell all the method to the top. Blind bake the pie shell, turning the pie plate midway through the baking time, up until light brown all over, about thirty minutes.

  • Get rid of from the oven and let cool on a cake rack. Leave the oven on. When the pie weights have actually cooled off, eliminate them thoroughly from the pie shell and dispose of the parchment.

Make the rhubarb pie filling

  • In a big bowl, integrate the eggs, lemon juice, and vanilla, and utilize a fork to separate the eggs and blend whatever together. Include the rhubarb and toss to integrate completely.

  • In a little bowl, integrate the vanilla sugar, brown sugar, flour, and salt. Toss up until uniformly integrated, then contribute to the rhubarb mix. Mix whatever together completely. Put into the baked pie shell.

  • Present the staying dough into a circle simply over 9 inches (23 cm) in size. Curtain it over the pie with the edge of the circle overhanging the edge a little. Press carefully to adhere the dough to the edges of the pie crust.

  • In a little bowl, blend the egg yolk for the egg wash. Utilize a pastry brush to uniformly brush the top of the pie with the egg wash. Spray the sanding sugar uniformly over the top. Utilizing a little paring knife, score the leading with 5 2-inch (5-cm) slits to make a star shape.

  • Location the pie plate on a rimmed baking sheet to capture any drips and bake, turning the baking sheet midway through the baking time, up until the crust is completely brown, 70 to 75 minutes.

  • Get rid of from the oven and let cool entirely on a cake rack prior to serving. Rhubarb pie can be kept at space temperature level, well covered, for approximately 2 days.

Take a look at the complete recipe post for our testers’ evaluations, more information, and pointers on making this traditional rhubarb pie.

Serving: 1 piece Calories: 281 kcal (14%) Carbohydrates: 55 g (18%) Protein: 7 g (14%) Fat: 4 g (6%) Hydrogenated Fat: 1 g (6%) Polyunsaturated Fat: 1 g Monounsaturated Fat: 1 g Trans Fat: 0.01 g Cholesterol: 117 mg (39%) Salt: 465 mg (20%) Potassium: 285 mg (8%) Fiber: 2 g (8%) Sugar: 29 g (32%) Vitamin A: 247 IU (5%) Vitamin C: 6 mg (7%) Calcium: 96 mg (10%) Iron: 2 mg (11%)

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