My scrumptious Penne Arrabbiata consists of melty mozzarella and spicy chorizo for a tasty twist on the classic. Take a look at my ideas for roasting the peppers for a good smoky surface!

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Do not you simply like a great pasta meal?

Excellent ol’ spag bol definitely has it’s usages as one of those simple meals that everybody likes (in truth, spag bol is still among my favourites that I make a minimum of every number of weeks), however in some cases it’s great simply to shake things up a little.

Now this meal has whatever going all out when you require to get something on the table fast, however you elegant something a bit various and unique:

  • Penne pasta smothered in an abundant and hot arrabbiata sauce
  • Gooey pieces of melty mozzarella
  • Portions of spicy chorizo
  • Bell pepper pieces, grilled/broiled till smoky and charred

It’s likewise simply as fast to make as spag bol, that makes it a fantastic option for a mid-week meal.

What do we require?

See how to make it

Complete recipe with in-depth actions in the recipe card at the end of this post.

  1. We start by roasting a red and yellow bell pepper till charred. I do this either over a burner (extremely thoroughly), under the grill (broiler), or on the barbecue when the weather condition’s a bit warmer. Whilst the peppers are roasting, I put the pasta on to prepare.
  2. Next fry up some onions in a little oil till softened. Include chorizo and cook till for a couple of minutes, then stir in garlic and tomato puree (paste). Then include tinned tomatoes, dried thyme, chilli flakes and a little sugar. Simmer for 10 minutes.
Collage of initial steps for making penne arrabiata - including charring peppers, frying chorizo and adding spices and tinned tomatoes to pan.
  • Next, we eliminate the skins from those roasted peppers and slice the peppers. Include them into the sauce in addition to the prepared and drained pipes pasta and stir whatever together.
  • Include pieces of torn mozzarella, stir once again, then leading with a little grated parmesan, a couple of sliced spring onions (scallions) and a pinch of chilli flakes prior to serving.
Collage of steps for making penne arrabiata - including adding sliced charred peppers, pasta and mozzarella to a pan.

PRO POINTER You can make this Arrabbiata as spicy as you like. I just include a pinch of chilli flakes when the kids are consuming it. Then I’ll serve it with a little meal of sliced fresh chillies for Chris and I to spray on top.

What to serve it with

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Overhead of penne arrabiata pasta in a pan on dark background

Penne Arrabbiata with Mozzarella and Chorizo

Penne Arrabbiata with Mozzarella and Chorizo – a tasty twist on the traditional!

Preparation Time 10 minutes

Prepare Time 20 minutes

Overall Time 30 minutes

Course Supper

Food Italian

Portions 4 -6 portions

Calories 787 kcal


  • Location the 2 entire bell peppers on a grill tray and location under the grill (broiler). Additionally, thoroughly position the 2 entire bell peppers over a gas hob flame (utilizing heat-proof tongs).

    1 red bell pepper, 1 yellow bell pepper

  • Grill till blackened and charred all over. Turn throughout barbecuing to guarantee all the sides get done. They need to be blackened in about 10-12 minutes.

  • When blackened, cover the peppers in tin foil and enable to cool somewhat in the foil (this will make eliminating the skin much easier).

  • Whilst the peppers are barbecuing you can prepare the pasta and make the arrabbiata sauce.

  • Heat a big pan of water for the pasta and prepare the penne according to the pack directions.

    400 g (14 oz) dried penne pasta

  • In a big fry pan (frying pan), heat the oil and include the onion. Prepare on a medium heat, stirring sometimes, for 2-3 minutes till the onions begin to soften.

    1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 onion

  • Include the chorizo and cook for a more 3-4 minutes till the chorizo launches its oils and begin to darken.

    200 g (7 oz) chorizo

  • Now stir in the garlic and tomato puree (paste), cook for 1 minute, then stir in the tinned tomatoes, thyme, dried chilli flakes and sugar. Bring it to a mild bubble and enable to simmer for 10 minutes.

    2 cloves garlic, 1 tablespoon tomato puree, 400 g (14 oz) tinned sliced tomatoes, 1 teaspoon dried thyme, 1 loaded teaspoon dried chilli flakes, 1 teaspoon sugar

  • By now, the foil-wrapped peppers need to have cooled a little. Put them on a slicing board, then eliminate and dispose of the charred skin. Slice the peppers (disposing of the seeds) and toss the sliced peppers into the arrabbiata sauce.

  • Drain pipes the pasta, when prepared, and include the drained pipes pasta to the arrabbiata sauce. Stir together (I discover it much easier to utilize a spoon and a set of tongs for this) till the pasta is entirely covered in the sauce.

  • Stir in the mozzarella pieces, heat for a more minute and after that shut off the heat.

    250 g (8 3/4 oz) mozzarella, approximately torn

  • Sprinkle the arrabbiata with a little parmesan, newly ground black pepper, chilli flakes and some sliced spring onions (scallions). Serve directly from the pan.

    3 tablespoons carefully grated parmesan cheese, 1/2 teaspoon black pepper, 2 spring onions, 1 pinch chilli flakes

✎ Notes

Can I make it gluten complimentary?
Yes! Swap out the pasta for gluten-free pasta and guarantee your chorizo and tomato paste are gluten complimentary too. It works well as a gluten complimentary meal.
Can I make it vegetarian?
Yes – avoid the chorizo totally (if you do, include a teaspoon of smoked paprika with the spices), or change it with vegetarian chorizo/mushrooms/smoky chickpeas (chickpeas fried with smoked paprika, cumin, salt and pepper). You’ll likewise require to change the parmesan (which is made with animal rennet) with vegetarian Italian-style tough cheese, and examine you’re utilizing a vegetarian mozzarella.
Can I make it ahead?
I choose to consume this immediately as I believe it tastes much better when newly made, instead of after re-heating. Nevertheless, you can make it ahead if you want, and it will still be yummy.
When you have actually prepared the arrabbiata, cool, cover and cool for as much as a day. It’s much better to reheat in the oven (covered in foil) – as this will assist the heat to distribute much better, without the pasta being broken – as it would if it was being stirred in a pan. Heat in the oven at 190C/375F for about 20-25 minutes till hot throughout.
Note: the meal will be a little less saucy if you make it ahead, as the pasta will soak up more of the liquid. You can include an additional couple of tablespoons of stock or warm water when reheating the pasta to guarantee it’s still saucy.
Can I freeze it?
As above, it tastes much better when newly made, however you can freeze and reheat it.
When you have actually prepared the arrabbiata, cool, cover and freeze. Then thaw in the fridge. Based on the re-heat directions above – reheat in the oven (covered in foil) at 190C/375F for about 20-25 minutes till hot throughout. Once again, include an additional couple of tablespoons of stock or warm water when reheating the pasta to guarantee it’s still saucy.
I like this cold the next day for lunch with some crispy salad leaves and carefully sliced red onion.
Nutritional details is per serving, based upon this recipe serving 4 individuals. If you utilize the recipe to serve 6, the calorie quantity is approx 523 calories per part.


Calories: 787 kcal Carbohydrates: 93 g Protein: 40 g Fat: 28 g Hydrogenated Fat: 12 g Polyunsaturated Fat: 1 g Monounsaturated Fat: 6 g Cholesterol: 75 mg Salt: 590 mg Potassium: 773 mg Fiber: 7 g Sugar: 11 g Vitamin A: 1806 IU Vitamin C: 106 mg Calcium: 601 mg Iron: 5 mg

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