How to make the Old Fashioned Mixed Drink at home. With simply 3 primary ingredients, it’s easy to make and there are great deals of choices for including your own spin. In our recipe listed below, we share how to make a fundamental Old Made in addition to our preferred methods to alter it up.

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How to Make an Old Made Mixed Drink

Mixed Drinks at home need to be enjoyable and never ever demanding so we aren’t going to bore you with all the do’s and do n’ts when it pertains to making the Old Made. Rather, I’m going to reveal you how we make it when we remain in the state of mind for a mixed drink at home, plus a couple of twists for enjoyable!

Old Fashioned Cocktail

The Alcohol

Many frequently, bourbon or rye bourbon are contacted for the Old Fashioned. That does not indicate to state that there aren’t other choices. Gin, brandy and rum all work truly, truly well. We especially like changing the bourbon for a dark, aged rum. In truth, if you were to stroll into a bar and see us drinking on an Old Made, you ‘d probably see me with rye and Adam with aged rum.

Whatever we choose, we stay with mid-range priced bottles. For Bourbon and Rye, we like 4 Rose’s a lot, specifically for being so well priced. Bulleit is a popular option, too. We have their ten years Rye in our bar today.

If you remain in the state of mind to attempt something more unique, our buddies swear by Woodford Reserve Double Oaked. There’s clearly numerous, a lot more choices when it pertains to bourbon so if you have actually got a preferred, share it in the remarks listed below.

The Sugar

We stay with easy syrup. You can definitely utilize a superfine sugar (many individuals do), however bear in mind that the sugar requires to entirely liquify, otherwise you’ll wind up with an unsweetened beverage and sweet sediment at the bottom of your glass.

Easy syrup is extremely simple to make and considering that it lasts ages in the refrigerator, we can make one big batch and return to it each time we wish to make a mixed drink.

Brown Sugar Simple Syrup

Utilizing easy syrup lets you play a little, too. Switching white sugar for brown sugar makes an abundant, practically caramel-like syrup that works well in Old Fashioned mixed drinks. Honey or maple syrup are likewise a good concept.

Bitters, Orange and Cherries

We include 2 to 3 dashes of bitters. Our standby is Angostura bitters, however one appearance in a well equipped shop or online shows there are lots to try out.

Depending upon who makes it, the quantity of fruit contributed to an Old Made differs. We have actually seen whatever from numerous pieces of orange and an abundance of cherries muddled together then served in the glass to an Old Made without any fruit whatsoever.

Peeling an orange for an old fashioned

We like someplace in between. A 2-inch piece of orange or blood orange peel and a cherry (or more for me) and we enjoy.

If we’re feeling lively, we’ll choose a flaming orange twist. To do it, take a coin-sized piece of orange peel (with a fair bit of the white pith undamaged so it is much easier to squeeze), capture it in between your fingers and light a match or lighter beside it (beware).

The oils will trigger and flame out. If you do all of this near or over the glass, a toasted orange scent will drop over the beverage. We do not include the flamed peel to the beverage, however rubbing the flamed peel around the rim of the glass is a good touch. (See our video above to see it in action)

The taste and scent of the beverage truly alters and while we do not do this all the time, it’s enjoyable to experience the distinction.

Having A Good Time with The Ice

Considering that we have actually entered making Old Made mixed drinks at home, Adam dorked out a little and checked out the how and why of clear, big ice. None of this is needed for your mixed drink, however considering that we utilized 2 of his ice balls in our picture and thinking about we have actually currently bonded over our love of the Old Fashioned, I believed I ‘d having a go at discussing what we have actually found out.

I make certain you have actually seen different big ice molds like this sphere mold ( what we have). The issue is that if you simply include water and freeze, you will be entrusted to cloudy ice. Even worse still, if you utilize the sphere mold, the water freezes in such a method that when you include the sphere to your beverage, it has a really high possibility of getting into pieces.

This all matters due to the fact that cloudier ice are less thick so they melt much quicker and disintegrate much easier than clearer ice. To put it simply, the clearer ice are, the less dilution your mixed drink will require to withstand. And benefit, clear ice looks cooler.

clear ice cubes for cocktails

So how do you explain ice? There are numerous gizmos you can purchase online. We went the more do it yourself, economical path. After some research study, we discovered this tutorial for explaining ice balls utilizing an insulated mug.

We utilize our faucet water– considering that we have actually discovered it freeze rather clear utilizing this technique. The faucet water in the last home we had did not produce clear cubes so we discovered that it was best to utilize filtered or boiled water.

Here are the actions for doing it (or see us do it at the end of the video above):

  1. Location a little container inside an insulated mug. We utilized a little Rubbermaid container and an affordable mug discovered online.
  2. Fill the mug with water so that the water line is above the little container inside the mug.
  3. Get a sphere plastic mold. Eliminate the stopper that includes it (this stopper would cover the hole utilized to fill the mold).
  4. Fill the mold with water.
  5. Utilizing your finger, cover the hole so that no air can go into the mold. Invert it so that the hole is dealing with down then thoroughly position the mold into the mug with water. Do not eliminate your finger till the hole is entirely immersed in the water.
  6. Holding the sphere in location, put out excess water in the mug so that the water line is at the exact same level as the little plastic container inside the mug. You can likewise utilize a straw for this action. Just draw out the water till the water is at the appropriate level.
  7. Location the mug with mold into the freezer and do not disrupt till entirely frozen.
Making Clear Ice Cubes

In the picture above, Adam is holding the clear ice ball left wing and an ice ball made by just filling the mold and freezing on the right. Despite the fact that the ice isn’t 100% clear it is significantly much better than the cloudy (and broken) ice ball. It likewise appeared to melt less rapidly. It is really among the ice balls seen in our Old Made picture listed below.

Seriously Good Old Fashioned

Seriously Great Old Made

With simply 3 primary ingredients, it’s easy to make and there are great deals of choices for including your own spin. Many frequently, bourbon or rye bourbon are utilized. That does not indicate to state that there aren’t other choices. Gin, brandy and rum all work truly well. We especially like changing the bourbon for a dark, aged rum.

Makes 1 Beverage

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You Will Require

1 to 2 teaspoons easy syrup, see our pointers for making easy syrup

3 dashes bitters, Angostura is terrific and easily offered

2 ounces mid-range bourbon or rye bourbon

One 2-inch piece of orange peel, optional

1 to 2 maraschino cherries, optional


    1 Location easy syrup, bitters and the bourbon in an Old Fashioned glass, stir well then include 1 to 2 big ice. Stir 2 to 3 times to chill then garnish with peel of orange and cherry.

Adam and Joanne’s Tips

  • We stay with easy syrup over utilizing sugar cubes or superfine sugar. Easy syrup is, as it’s name recommends, really simple to make and will last a month in the refrigerator. To make it, integrate equivalent parts sugar (white or brown) and water in a pan over medium heat. Cook, swirling sometimes, till the sugar entirely liquifies. Cool then keep, saved in a glass container in the fridge approximately one month.
  • Including water: Some individuals include a splash of soda or still water to their Old Made mixed drinks. We do not do this considering that the ice (even if it is clear) will ultimately melt a little and start to water down the mixed drink anyhow. We recommend tasting the beverage prior to including any water and go from there.
  • Nutrition truths: The nutrition truths supplied below are price quotes. We have actually utilized the USDA Supertracker recipe calculator to determine approximate worths.

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Nutrition Per Serving
0 g
7 g
Dietary Fiber
0 g
Overall Sugars
6 g
Overall Fat
0 g
Hydrogenated Fat
0 g
0 mg


Adam and Joanne Gallagher

Recipe upgraded, initially published Might 2015. Considering that publishing this in 2015, we have actually modified the recipe to be more clear and included a fast recipe video.– Adam and Joanne