Maple Bacon Pancakes are fluffy buttermilk pancakes sweetened with brown sugar and maple syrup with crispy littles bacon inside and on top of the pancakes. A genuine breakfast reward!

Maple Bacon Pancakes

All of us enjoy an excellent weekend breakfast, and a couple of eggs, a stack of pancakes, and a side of bacon is the holy grail. However what I chose to do was level up the normal stack of pancakes by including crispy maple bacon right into the pancake batter. I am informing you, I wasn’t so sure when I had the concept if it would work, however they are INCREDIBLE!

A while back I made some Pancake Dippers, which resemble these, however I desired the pancake itself to be a little sweet … type of like a McGriddle. The mouthwatering bacon blended with the sweet taste of the pancake and the maple syrup is SO great. And the littles maple bacon inside the pancake is the precise correct amount. I’m unsure if I’ll ever have the ability to return to my routine Buttermilk Pancakes once again!

Maple Bacon Pancakes Ingredients

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  • Bacon. I like to utilize Maple Bacon for this recipe to truly amp up the maple taste. However you can utilize whatever bacon you choose.
  • Dry Ingredients: All Function Flour, Baking Powder, Kosher Salt
  • Dark brown sugar. You can utilize light brown sugar too if that’s what you have. Simply make certain that your dark brown sugar isn’t bumpy!
  • Maple Syrup. You can utilize pure maple syrup or any brand name you like, I’m not choosy about the type you utilize!
  • Eggs. Utilize big eggs for this recipe.
  • Milk. You can utilize 2% or entire milk, whatever you have on hand.
  • Vanilla extract. A little vanilla is constantly great in pancakes.
  • Canola oil. You can utilize grease too. Any light colored oil will do, I simply choose not to utilize butter in this recipe since the oil keeps them fluffy and light. You might utilize melted butter if you would like, however butter has water in it, which can make your pancakes a little much heavier.

How To Make Maple Bacon Pancakes:

The actions are incredibly simple to make these pancakes and you can make the bacon ahead to blend into the batter! The overall cook time on these fasts, so you’ll have a sensational breakfast in no time!

Prepare the bacon up until it’s crispy. I like to bake my bacon for ease and tidy up. This recipe utilizes an entire pound of bacon which fits on my biggest baking sheet. I bake it at 400 ° F for 15- ish minutes up until it’s crisp. I discover that my oven does not prepare equally, so I view it, and midway through I will turn the pan, or move a few of the pieces so they all prepare the exact same.

Like I stated you must prepare it crisp since you are including it into the pancake batter which can naturally soften it up as it sits, so crispy is much better!

The pancake batter comes together really rapidly and you blend maple syrup and dark brown sugar right into the pancake mix for sweet taste and taste. Blend the damp ingredients independently in a medium bowl and after that include them into the dry ingredients in a big bowl up until there are no swellings and after that stir the bacon right in. You can book a little bacon to the side to spray on the top when you serve these.

Prepare the pancakes on a medium-low heat frying pan and make certain the sides are set and the bubbles on top are popped prior to you turn. I have actually been restless more than when which constantly winds up with untidy pancakes!

SUGGESTION: To put out the pancake batter onto the frying pan or frying pan utilize a determining cup so you get the exact same size pancake each time. I have a pancake batter dispenser that I enjoy, however given that there are pieces of sliced bacon in the batter it gets obstructed, so I do not suggest utilizing that for thisrecipe

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When Making Pancakes For A Crowd

The something about pancakes is unless you have a big frying pan, you can just make many at a time. If I am making pancakes for the household I like to prepare them all and put them on a big baking tray in the oven on “warm” so we can all take a seat and delight in breakfast together.


You can truly get imaginative with this recipe! It’s an enjoyable one to experiment with and make more over the leading! Together with the bacon attempt including:

  • Sliced pecans
  • Mini Chocolate Chips
  • Drizzle on some cream cheese icing to go entirely over the leading delish
  • Sliced up bananas

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