Fortify red white wine with orange liqueur, include soda for bubbles, and serve on the rocks for a rejuvenating red white wine spritzer. An excellent summer season beverage, and best for the vacations, too!

Recipe Summary.

Why you’ll like it: A red white wine spritzer is a popular mixed drink and it’s really simple to make. There’s great deals of various methods to alter it up, too.

For how long it takes: 5 minutes
Devices you’ll require: simply lots of ice
Portions: as lots of as you like

Red wine spritzer garnished with an orange slice.

A red white wine spritzer begins with red white wine, naturally, however even if you’re not a white wine drinker, do not stop checking out (unless you take place to prevent red wine since of the alcohol). Even if you’re not keen on red white wine, I suggest offering this mixed drink a possibility, or you might attempt our gewurztraminer spritzer.

A red white wine spritzer is much lighter than plain red wine. Including carbonation in the type of soda or soda water provides the beverage effervescence (great deals of bubbles!) imbuing plain red wine with a more joyful and celebratory feel. It will make you think about champagne.

Since this mixed drink is likewise strengthened with an ounce of orange liqueur, it loads a bit more of a punch than routine red wine, however very little. You might quickly turn this red white wine spritzer into a punch and serve it at your next celebration.

Why You’ll Love This Red Red Wine Spritzer

  • It’s very simple to make. Whether you’re stimulating a single mixed drink, a pitcher, or a punch bowl, this joyful beverage will not take you long to make. It just has a couple of ingredients.
  • A spritzer is suitable for practically any celebration. Serve it on a warm summer season night when you’re searching for a rejuvenating beverage to cool down with. It’s best to serve with hearty vacation suppers such as Thanksgiving or Christmas since it’s light and fruity. It works well at a breakfast or bridal showers. From book clubs to sweethearts’ night, a spritzer is constantly welcome.
  • You can quickly alter it up. There are a lot of methods to personalize this mixed drink. Take a look at the recipe card for concepts.
Spritzer made with red wine and orange liqueur and pellet ice.

Glasses That Work Well for a Spritzer.

Wondering what type of glass you should utilize to serve a white wine spritzer?

  • A lowball glass (old-fashioned glass, rocks glass, or bourbon glass) works well for a white wine spritzer. The pictures portray a lowball glass.
  • A big red wine glass, either stemmed or stemless, is a great option, too.
  • Practically any kind of glass will work for a white wine spritzer as long as it’s big enough to accommodate the ingredients and great deals of ice.

What you’ll Require to Make A Spritzer

  • Pinot Noir Red Wine: For more about the very best red wine to pick for a red white wine spritzer, checked out the area listed below. You’ll require about 4 oz. of red wine per spritzer. There are 25 ounces in a 750 ml bottle of red wine, which suffices to make 6 spritzers.
  • Orange Liqueur: Some popular brand names are Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Curaçao, or Triple Sec. Orange liqueur is seasoned with dried orange peel or orange important oils, and is 60 to 80 evidence. It will keep forever and is an essential active ingredient in great deals of other mixed drinks. Attempt this blood orange martini or strawberry margarita punch.
  • Soda: This unsweetened mixer is carbonated water. It might be called carbonated water or seltzer. Soda water is comparable however has actually included minerals. Ensure it’s well cooled.
  • Ice: You’ll require lots of fresh ice, either ice or crushed ice.
  • Orange Wedges, for Garnish: You might state that any garnish is optional, I think, however a garnish makes a great impression. It not just embellishes the mixed drink, it likewise presents taste, through olfactory receptors. (That’s an elegant method to state they smell excellent!)
Ingredients needed for a red wine sprtizer.

What is the very best red white wine for a spritzer?

I typically pick a pinot noir for red wine spritzers. Pinot noir is a fruity dry red white wine, with notes of cherry and raspberry, and often strawberry. It’s light to medium-bodied, low in tannins, and it’s typically served gently cooled.

Pick a white wine that you would delight in drinking by itself. A costly aged red wine isn’t needed for spritzers however the red wine need to be excellent quality.

Do not hesitate to explore other red white wines you recognize with. Search for a light bodied fruity red wine. Rosé red wine is a popular option for spritzers (make sure to attempt my rosé spritzer or raspberry increased spritzer).

How To Make a Red Red Wine Spritzer

Red red wine spritzers are really simple to make.

Merely put 4 ounces of red white wine into a glass filled with ice.

Include a splash of orange liqueur (1 ounce), and after that leading it off with about 4 ounces of carbonated soda. Garnish with an orange piece, if preferred.

That’s it! I make certain you’ll enjoy this rejuvenating beverage.

Trying to find something to chomp on with your red wine spritzer? How about homemade Cheez-Its cheddar cheese crackers, olive oil roasted almonds, or crisp fried goat cheese? Crackers with crab rangoon dip or homemade spinach dip are excellent, too!

Make It Your Own

  • Aperol Spritzer: Alternative Aperol, an Italian bitter apéritif, for the orange liqueur (or make an Aperol spritz with champagne rather of red white wine).
  • Cherry Spritzer: Alternative cherry liqueur for the orange liqueur and top with ginger ale rather of seltzer or soda; garnish with maraschino cherries, if preferred.
  • Light Spritzer: Leave out orange liqueur. Make a spritzer with equivalent parts red wine and soda. You might likewise make it with Sprite or 7-Up for a sweeter beverage.
  • Sangria Spritzer: Making a spritzer and gussying it up with fruit equates to Sangria. Include easy syrup to taste, and cut up fruit, such as strawberries, oranges, peaches, pineapple, and so on
Two red wine spritzers.

White wine Mixed drinks.

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Red wine spritzer surrounded by ingredients.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Overall Time: 5 minutes

1 mixed drink

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Fortify red white wine with orange liqueur, include soda for bubbles, and serve on the rocks for a rejuvenating red white wine spritzer. An excellent summer season beverage, and best for the vacations, too!


  • Fill glass with ice.

  • Pour in red wine and orange liqueur; carefully stir. Leading with soda; stir to integrate.

  • Garnish with orange piece, if preferred, and serve instantly.



  • Alternative Aperol, an Italian bitter apéritif, for the orange liqueur.
  • Include cherry liqueur (leave out orange liqueur) and leading with ginger ale rather of soda; garnish with maraschino cherries, if preferred.
  • Light spritzer: Leave out orange liqueur. Make spritzer with equivalent parts red wine and soda, Sprite, or 7-Up.
  • Sangria spritzer: Include easy syrup to taste, and cut up fruit, such as strawberries, oranges, peaches, pineapple, and so on)

Make a Pitcher (6 portions):

  • a bottle of pinot noir (750 ml)
  • 6 oz. orange liqueur
  • 24 oz. soda, cooled

Integrate all ingredients in a pitcher, stir gently to integrate, and put into ice-filled glasses. Garnish as preferred.

Nutrition Details

Serving: 1 mixed drink, Calories: 180 kcal, Carbohydrates: 12 g, Protein: 0.1 g, Fat: 0.1 g, Hydrogenated Fat: 0.03 g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.03 g, Monounsaturated Fat: 0.01 g, Salt: 26 mg, Potassium: 11 mg, Sugar: 9 g, Calcium: 6 mg, Iron: 0.03 mg

This site offers approximate nutrition details for benefit and as a courtesy just. Nutrition information is collected mainly from the USDA Food Structure Database, whenever offered, or otherwise other online calculators.

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