Close up view of greek pasta salad.

Welcome the lively tastes of the Mediterranean with this scrumptious greek pasta salad, including a range of crisp veggies, briny kalamata olives, and tasty feta cheese, all tossed with hearty rotini pasta and a homemade dressing.

Bring the Mediterranean to your table with this wonderful greek pasta salad. Rupturing with fresh veggies like English cucumbers and juicy cherry tomatoes, this meal is a revitalizing response to a warm day. The briny kalamata olives and abundant feta cheese contrast wonderfully with the crisp veggies and chewy rotini pasta. However it’s the homemade dressing– an unified mix of additional virgin olive oil, lemon juice, and red white wine vinegar– that ties all of it together. This salad is more than a side meal; it’s a cooking journey to the heart of Greece.

Regularly Asked Concerns

Can I utilize another kind of pasta?

Definitely! Do not hesitate to replace rotini with other pasta shapes like penne, fusilli, or farfalle.

What can I alternative to feta cheese?

You can utilize diced fresh mozzarella or collapsed goat cheese as an alternative.

Can I include proteins to this salad?

Yes, you can. Grilled chicken, shrimps, or chickpeas would make outstanding additions.


If you have dietary constraints, do not stress!

  • For a dairy-free or vegan variation, leave out the feta cheese or change it with a dairy-free cheese.
  • Those following a low-sodium diet plan can lower the included salt, however think about including herbs like dill or parsley to keep the tastes dynamic.

Serving Recommendations

This flexible greek pasta salad is excellent for any celebration, from weeknight suppers to yard cookouts. It sets well with grilled meats or fish, and you can settle the meal with an easy dessert like fresh fruit or Greek yogurt with honey.

Pointer From the Chef

Keep In Mind That recipes are a standard, not a rulebook. Do not hesitate to customize this recipe according to your taste and dietary requirements. Take pleasure in the procedure and make this meal your own!

Overhead view of greek pasta salad.

Freezer & & Storage Guidelines

This recipe is finest taken pleasure in fresh and does not freeze well due to the fresh veggies and feta cheese. Shop any leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for approximately 3 days.