Invite to the weekend, my pals! We had a good time in the White Mountains of Arizona with my household last weekend. (Thank goodness we weren’t headed to the valley where it’s around the temperature level of my oven this summertime.) The heat wave in the mountains was less than amazing this year, however at 9000 ′ it wasn’t terrible.

I have actually most likely driven in between AZ and NM a minimum of 100 times in my life and this time it was an entire brand-new experience. We took 117 for a part of the journey and we discovered an all of a sudden sensational drive. We stopped and strolled the brief path approximately La Ventana Arch. It has to do with 18 miles south of Interstate 40 off Exit 89 and it is well worth the stop.

ON THE blog sites today: Abundant chocolate, velvety peanut butter, and frozen bananas are combined together in joyous consistency to make this Chocolate Peanut Butter Healthy smoothie– that tastes more like a peanut butter banana milkshake than a breakfast beverage.

Crispy Breakfast Potatoes, roasted to ideal crispiness with fluffy centers and a lot of spices, are essential gamers in much of our preferred breakfast recipes.

Roasted Green Beans and Carrots provide a wonderful collection of tastes and textures. You can season them as directed in the recipe listed below or toss them with any variety of various spice mixes.

The alluring mix of dynamic peas, crispy bacon, and tasty cheese matched by a luscious velvety dressing, produces an ideal consistency of tastes in this Pea Pasta Salad.

Get a chip and dig right into this velvety Caramelized Onion Dip. This alluring appetiser integrates the smoothness of sour cream with the sweet and tasty essence of onions slow-cooked to excellence. This dip is absolutely nothing like the onion dips you have actually attempted prior to and it will leave your taste yearning more.

Velvety chocolate ice cream filled with chocolate-covered cashews and swirled throughout with caramel sauce amounts to bowls of Bear Claw Ice Cream that nobody can withstand.

Melted dark chocolate is whipped with tasty cream cheese and a little bit of cream to develop this glamorous No Bake Chocolate Mousse.

With tangy, sweet rhubarb and an alluring cinnamon sugar biscuit topping, this Rhubarb Cobbler simply asks for a scoop of cold ice cream.

What I’m yearning: These Blackened Fish Tacos With Chipotle-Lime Sauce are making my mouth water. We’re barbecuing this weekend and I believe they require to occur quicker than later on.

My FAVORITE THING today is my brand-new Fitbit. Keep in mind Fitbit? The bracelet action counter that all of us were utilizing about 10-15 years back? Well, I began exercising a couple of months back (yeah, I simply composed that) and I desired a really easy heart rate screen that was not a smartwatch.

Ends Up that Fitbit has actually come a long method in the 15 years because their very first tracker was launched. I purchased the Inspire 3 (quite sure it cost less than my very first one too– go figure) and in addition to tracking your actions, there is GPS tracking for strolling or running, a clock with a timer, stop-watch, and an alarm, in addition to O2, workout, heart beat, and sleep screens. Up until now, I actually like it.

What I’m READING: Incredibly Brilliant Animals by Shelby Van Pelt. Numerous of you have actually advised this one, I have actually lost count! My good friend Henny was the very first to discuss it to me, and it was lastly offered at the library a couple of days back and I downloaded it right away. I’m connected! It’s such an uncommon story and I’m anticipating seeing how it ends.

( Yes, I’m breaking my own guideline of never ever pointing out a book prior to completing it– here’s hoping I will not need to break the thumbs-up evaluation next week!)

What I’m LISTENING to: Black Coffee by Beth Hart & & Joe Bonamassa. This one appeared in among my Pandora stations recently and I was hooked from the very first listen. Bonamassa’s guitar and Beth’s voice are a great mix. “Why Do not You Do Right?” is my preferred on the album today.

” Lastly, bros, whatever holds true, whatever is respectable, whatever is simply, whatever is pure, whatever is beautiful, whatever is good, if there is any quality, if there is anything worthwhile of appreciation, think of these things.” Philippians 4:8 ESV

Wanting you a stunning week filled with little things that make you smile!