The very first time I had a chanterelle mushroom remained in ninth grade at my buddy Lily’s home. My own youth didn’t consist of high-end fungis, however Lily was an only kid and a daring eater. She held up the ocher-colored, trumpet-shaped specimen and described to me that chanterelles were the mushroom equivalent of gold. She with confidence sautéed a couple of in butter (14-year-old-me was pleased) and served them along with an over-easy egg. “Chanterelles go effectively with eggs,” she informed me. One bite of the earthy mushrooms soaked in golden runny yolk showed her right.

No one else has actually ever echoed the chanterelle-and-egg pairing to me, yet I have actually taken it as reality all these years. Every September– peak chanterelle foraging season in my home state of Washington– I discover myself whipping up some fried eggs to opt for my chanterelles. To make it additional elegant and gratifying, I take motivation from the croque madame– a timeless French sandwich including ham, cheese, velvety béchamel sauce, and a fried egg on top. In my mushroom variation, which I have actually called “Mushroom Madame,” I spread out open-faced toasts with béchamel sauce, include Gruyère cheese, and melt whatever under the broiler. Then I complete my toasts with sautéed mushrooms and a sunny-side-up egg.

She described to me that chanterelles were the mushroom equivalent of gold.

Béchamel sauce is velvety and abundant, offering the best background to garlicky mushrooms and gooey cheese. If you have actually never ever made a béchamel sauce previously, there’s absolutely nothing to fear! It begins with a basic roux of butter and flour. Entire milk is included, and the mix is prepared up until thick and bubbly, then experienced with newly ground nutmeg for a tip of scent.

Chanterelles are readily available in the majority of the United States in late summer season and early fall, however if they show difficult to discover or are excessively costly (they’re nearing $40 per pound at my regional shop), I feel no pity in blending in other ranges of mushrooms or replacing them totally. Shiitakes have a comparable tender texture and woodsy taste, however portobello and even cremini mushrooms taste similarly scrumptious. Whatever looks best at the shop is normally a winner, and fall brings a bounty of mushrooms no matter where you live.

These dressed-up toasts need to not be scheduled for breakfast. A fresh green salad and a glass of chardonnay make a great meal of this mushroom madame. It’s the best method to display any mushroom– from unique seasonal ranges to whatever you have lying around in the fridge– and indulgently meat-free.