You’ll like this recipe for tender and juicy sluggish cooker pork chops smothered with an abundant mushroom and onion gravy. This simple supper concept fasts to prep, and after that your sluggish cooker does the rest!

Recipe Summary.

Why you’ll like it: Sluggish cooker pork chops are ultra-tender and juicy, completely caramelized, and prepared in the exact same pot as the abundant homemade gravy.

The length of time it takes: about thirty minutes of preparation and after that you can set it and forget it in the sluggish cooker or crockery pot

Devices you’ll require: sluggish cooker and a frying pan

Portions: 4 portions

Slow Cooker Pork Chops With Gravy

Who else matured consuming and caring pork chops? This simple recipe for sluggish cooker pork chops has all the taste of smothered pork chops, with a portion of the effort. Sluggish cooking works some severe magic on the taste and texture of our simple pork slice. And the very best part? After some fast preparation, you hand the baton over to your sluggish cooker or crockery pot. If you have actually never ever attempted this approach previously, you’re going to like it. These mouthwatering chops melt in your mouth, covered in an abundant mushroom and onion gravy that cooks in the exact same pot. It is among our finest weeknight meals!

Why You’ll Love This Slow Cooker Pork Chops Recipe

  • Easy ingredients. You require simply a handful of ingredients together with some easy flavorings to make the very best sluggish cooker pork chops with gravy.
  • Fork-tender. Pork chops are reasonably affordable and end up SO TENDER in the sluggish cooker. You can cut through the meat with a fork.
  • Perfect for weeknights. This is a wholesome supper that you can prep in minutes prior to your sluggish cooker does the rest. Serve juicy chops and gravy with a side of mashed potatoes, rice, and loads of simple sides.

Ingredients You’ll Require

Here, I have actually consisted of some useful notes and ideas on theingredients Make certain to scroll to the recipe card for the totals, recipe instructions, and dietary information.

  • Pork Chops — This sluggish cooker recipe works finest with thicker, bone-in chops. The very best pork chops for sluggish cooking are the sirloin slice, carry slice, blade slice, or tenderloin slice. Try to find cuts that have some marbling and fat, as these will formulate the most tender.
  • Spices— Smoky paprika together with mouthwatering garlic powder, salt, and pepper highlight the tastes in the pork.
  • Olive Oil— You’ll require good-quality additional virgin olive oil for scorching the chops prior to you include them to the sluggish cooker. This assists to even more improve the taste.
  • Mushrooms— Any mushroom range will work here. Usage white or brown cremini mushrooms, porcini, and even something more unique, like oyster mushrooms, sliced.
  • Onions and Garlic— You’ll require very finely sliced yellow onions (or any onion you choose) and fresh garlic as aromatics in the gravy.
  • Butter and Flour— Stirring this mix into the aromatics produces a “roux” that assists to enhance and thicken the gravy.
  • Beef Broth— I utilize low-sodium beef broth or stock for the base in my gravy. You can likewise utilize chicken or veggie broth, the tastes simply will not be rather as abundant.
  • Herbs— Dried thyme for the gravy, and fresh parsley for serving.
  • Cornstarch— At the very end, including a slurry of cornstarch integrated with water or broth thickens the gravy.

Can I Put Raw Pork in a Slow Cooker?

Great concern! If you’re brand-new to cooking with a sluggish cooker, the concept of putting raw or partly prepared pork into the pot with other ingredients might appear doubtful. Fortunately is that yes, you can include raw meat to your sluggish cooker It will prepare to a safe temperature level after hours over sluggish, direct heat.

On the other hand, you need to never ever utilize frozen meat in the sluggish cooker. According to the USDA suggestion, constantly thaw pork (or any other meat) entirely prior to putting it into your sluggish cooker or crockery pot.

How to Make Slow Cooker Pork Chops

The preparation for these crockery pot pork chops takes simply a couple of minutes on the range. Whatever is prepared in one pan prior to it’s moved to the sluggish cooker, so clean-up is additional simple!

  • Season the pork chops. Initially, integrate the spices ingredients and utilize your hands to rub the spice mix all over each pork slice.
  • Sear. Next, burn the chops in a hot frying pan with a little olive oil. Operate in batches so that they prepare in an even layer. When browned (they do not require to be prepared all the method through), organize the chops in the bowl of your sluggish cooker.
  • Prepare the gravy. Utilizing the exact same frying pan, saute the mushrooms and onions, then include butter and garlic. Spray in the flour and let that cook, stirring, to develop a roux. Lastly, deglaze the pan with beef broth, include thyme, and continue to prepare as the broth thickens. Include the gravy to the sluggish cooker with the pork chops.
  • Cook. Location the cover onto your cooker and set the chops to prepare for 3 hours on low. After the pork chops are done, eliminate them from the pot and position them on a plate.
  • Thicken the gravy. Cover the chops with foil to keep warm while you prepare a slurry of cornstarch and water (or broth). Turn your sluggish cooker on high and blend in the slurry, cooking up until the gravy thickens.
  • Serve. Dish up your pork chops together with the gravy, spray with parsley, and dig in!

How Do I Know When Pork Chops Are Done?

Pork chops are done when the internal temperature level reaches 145ºF (USDA). It can likewise be a little over. The most convenient method to take the pork’s temperature level is by utilizing an instant-read thermometer.

Overhead view of pork chops covered in mushroom and onion gravy inside the slow cooker.

Tips for Success

Cooking pork chops in the sluggish cooker takes a great deal of the uncertainty out of getting them tender and ideal. Here are some ideas for the very best outcomes each time:

  • Usage bone-in pork chops for the most tender outcomes when sluggish cooking. This recipe will still deal with boneless pork chops, however whichever chops you utilize, go for cuts that are at least 1″ close good marbling.
  • Prevent lean cuts or thin chops, as they might overcook and end up being dry over the prolonged cooking time.
  • If your pork chops are difficult coming out of the sluggish cooker, this is most likely due to the fact that they’re undercooked and require more time. Include them back into the pot and examine them after another 20-30 minutes.
Slow cooker pork chops served on a plate with gravy, mashed potatoes, and green beans, next to dishes of potatoes and beans on a countertop.

Make This Pork Chops Recipe Your Own

Here are some simple variations on these sluggish cooker pork chops that you can attempt:

  • Make sluggish cooker cattle ranch pork chops and include a package of cattle ranch spices or homemade cattle ranch spices mix.
  • Attempt another spices rub, like spicy Cajun spices or a smoky barbeque rub.
  • Include more veggies. You can tailor your gravy with sliced up green or red bell peppers, carrots, cabbage, green beans, cauliflower, or another slow-cooking veggie. Quick-cooking veggies like kale, spinach, snap peas, and green peas can likewise be included the last 5-10 minutes, while the cooker is set on high.
Overhead view of slow cooker pork chops served on a plate, covered in gravy next to mashed potatoes and green beans.

What To Serve With Slow Cooker Pork Chops

We like gravy-drenched sluggish cooker pork chops served over a bed of mashed potatoes with a pop of green, like air fryer green beans, air fryer asparagus, or roasted broccoli. For something a little fancier, pork chops are ideal with a comfortable Instantaneous Pot risotto or velvety Instantaneous Pot polenta. Serve with a side of fresh spring salad or arugula salad for a tasty, rewarding meal that hardly takes any effort! In cooler months, mouthwatering pork likewise sets excellent with this Brussels sprouts salad loaded with apples, cranberries, and crispy walnuts.

Close up of a piece of pork chop on a fork, held above a plate of pork chops, mashed potatoes, and green beans.

Keeping and Reheating Leftovers

  • Refrigerator. Keep any remaining pork chops saved airtight in the refrigerator for as much as 3 days. These fast and simple to reheat on the stovetop. If required, include a splash of water or broth to assist chill out the gravy.
  • Freezer. These sluggish cooker pork chops are excellent for freezing. Shop the cooled chops and gravy together in a freezer-safe container to keep frozen for as much as 2-3 months. It’s the ideal freezer meal to thaw and reheat on a hectic weeknight.

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Slow cooker pork chop held with tongs.

Get the Recipe: Slow Cooker Pork Chops

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Prepare Time: 20 minutes

Slow Cooking Time: 3 hours

Overall Time: 3 hours 35 minutes

4 portions

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A simple recipe for tender sluggish cooker pork chops smothered in an abundant mushroom and onion gravy. These chops fast to prepare and come out additional juicy and complete of taste.


  • In a little bowl, integrate paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and pepper.

  • Rub spice mix over pork.

  • Heat a frying pan over medium-high heat. Include oil to hot pan. Include pork chops in a single layer and cook for 2 to 3 minutes on each side, or up until browned. You might require to do this in batches.

  • Set up pork chops in sluggish cooker.

  • Include mushrooms and onions to frying pan. Cook, stirring often, up until onions are clear, about 5 minutes.

  • Include butter. When melted, include garlic. Include flour and cook for 1 to 2 minutes, stirring continuously.

  • Gradually include 2 cups broth to pan, scraping up any brown bits. Include dried thyme. Cook, stirring, up until thickened a little, about 3 to 4 minutes. Transfer contents of frying pan to slow cooker.

  • Cover crockpot and cook on low for 3 hours or up until pork chops have actually reached an internal temperature level of a minimum of 145ºF. It’s alright if it goes a little over that.

  • Get rid of pork, put on a plate, and camping tent with foil.

  • Turn crockpot to high. Stir together cornstarch and 2 tablespoons water or broth up until well combined. Stir cornstarch mix into sauce in crockpot, cooking and stirring up until thickened. Taste sauce and change the spices, if essential.


  • Keep any remaining pork chops saved airtight in the refrigerator for as much as 3 days. These fast and simple to reheat on the stovetop. If required, include a splash of water or broth to assist chill out the gravy.
  • To freeze, keep the cooled chops and gravy together in a freezer-safe container to keep frozen for as much as 2-3 months. It’s the ideal freezer meal to thaw and reheat on a hectic weeknight.

Nutrition Details

Serving: 1 pork slice, Calories: 144 kcal, Carbohydrates: 17 g, Protein: 6 g, Fat: 7 g, Hydrogenated Fat: 2 g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 1 g, Monounsaturated Fat: 3 g, Trans Fat: 0.1 g, Cholesterol: 8 mg, Salt: 831 mg, Potassium: 516 mg, Fiber: 2 g, Sugar: 3 g, Vitamin A: 133 IU, Vitamin C: 6 mg, Calcium: 22 mg, Iron: 1 mg

This site supplies approximate nutrition info for benefit and as a courtesy just. Nutrition information is collected mainly from the USDA Food Structure Database, whenever readily available, or otherwise other online calculators.

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