Velvety queso dip made with diced green chilies and marinaded jalapeños. See our post listed below for ideas on the very best cheese to utilize.

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How to Make the very best Queso Dip

Making your own batch of queso at home is really rather easy. This one is made with cheese, diced green chiles and marinaded jalapeños. For a dairy-free variation, attempt our crave-worthy vegan queso (it’s so excellent).

Homemade queso dip with tortilla chips

Here are the fundamental actions (the detailed recipe is listed below):

  1. Prepare onions with garlic and cumin.
  2. Pour in milk and cook till it is hardly simmering.
  3. Mix a bit more (cold) milk with corn starch and blend the mix into the warmed milk. This will thicken the milk and make it all set for the cheese.
  4. When the mix has actually thickened, melt in great deals of your preferred cheese.
  5. Stir in as much (or as little) diced green chilies and/or diced pickled jalapeños as you like and serve!

What’s the very best cheese for homemade queso?

You can make queso with nearly any cheese you ‘d like, however that includes a bit of care. Without stabilizers, cheese sauces and dips (like queso dip) tend to break or separate when reheated. They can likewise end up being rough, indicating that the milk solids and fat of the cheese has actually separated. ( Have you ever reheated mac and cheese and saw that it is more oily than when you initially served it? That’s the cheese sauce breaking on you.)

Do not let this scare you, however. There are repairs and rather honestly, I have actually personally taken pleasure in numerous batches of “rough” or somewhat apart cheese sauces and not been one bit worried. I indicate, begin, it is cheese sauce which suggests it’s scrumptious, rough or not.

So you can utilize practically any cheese to make queso– cheddar, Monterey Jack, Gruyère, fontina or another melty cheese.

Adding cheese to make queso dipAdding cheese to make queso dip

That stated, for the meltiest, creamiest queso, utilize some American cheese. Why? American cheese has emulsifiers included that ensures that as it melts (or is reheated), it remains velvety and melty. You can utilize the pieces or go to the deli counter and request a piece off of the huge block of American cheese. American cheese is the trick to smooth, rough totally free queso.

You can utilize 100% American cheese or blend the American cheese with another cheese like Monterey Jack, Pepper Jack or a sharp cheddar. I like a 50-50 mix of American and cheddar. If you wished to make queso blanco, ensure that you utilize white American cheese and white cheddar.

If you do not wish to utilize American cheese, you can accomplish the very same velvety, supported texture with the addition of cream cheese– which likewise has stabilizers included. Usage whatever cheese you like (cheddar, Monterey Jack or other cheeses) and after that include 2 ounces of cream cheese to the mix. The cream cheese assists to avoid the queso from breaking on you (separating) when you reheat it.

If you do not like the concept of cream cheese or American cheese in your queso, you can still make queso dip! Utilize any melty cheese, simply remember that the dip will not be as smooth and is best when consumed quickly.

Typical Variations

  • Queso blanco– Utilize all white cheese (I personally enjoy white American cheese and sharp white cheddar)
  • Smoked queso dip– Switch some or all of the cheese for a smoked cheese like smoked gouda or smoked provolone.
  • Spicy chipotle queso– Stir in some minced canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce along with a little the sauce. These cans are discovered in the global aisle in the supermarket or in Mexican markets.
  • Moderate queso dip– Overlook the marinaded jalapeños. The canned sliced green chilies are offered as moderate and hot. Pick moderate or leave them out entirely.
  • Vegan queso– Have a look at our simple recipe for tacky cashew dip (aka vegan queso).

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Queso dip with chipsQueso dip with chips

Velvety Queso Dip

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Queso made with cheese, milk, chiles and for an appetizing twist, marinaded jalapeños. The cheese you select will impact the taste and texture of the dip. For the best dip that looks like rattled, store-bought queso, usage half cheddar or Monterey Jack and half American cheese — utilize pieces or ask the deli counter to provide you a piece from the block of the unsliced cheese, and after that grate it at home yourself.

If you do not wish to utilize American cheese, you can accomplish the very same velvety, supported texture with addition of cream cheese– which likewise has stabilizers included. Utilize your preferred kind of cheese and after that include cream cheese.

If you do not like the concept of cream cheese or American cheese in your queso, you can still make queso dip! Utilize any melty cheese, simply remember that the dip will not be as smooth and is best when consumed quickly. (We share more about this in the post above.)

Makes 1 3/4 cups

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You Will Require

1 tablespoon neutral oil or butter

1/2 little onion, carefully sliced

1 little garlic clove, grated or carefully minced

1/2 teaspoon ground cumin

1/4 teaspoon great sea salt, plus more to taste

1 cup (236 ml) entire milk

1 1/2 teaspoons cornstarch

6 ounces (170 grams or 1 1/2 cups) cheese, shredded or torn if utilizing pieces, ideas listed below

2 ounces (56 grams) cream cheese, optional, see notes

1 (4-ounce) can sliced green chilies, moderate or hot

2 tablespoons sliced marinaded jalapeño, plus 1/2 tablespoon pickle juice, optional

Chips, for serving


    1 Heat oil in a pan over medium heat. Include the onions, cumin and a pinch of salt, and after that prepare till the onions are soft and odor sweet, about 5 minutes.

    2 Pour in 3/4 cup of the milk. Bring the milk to hardly simmering.

    3 On the other hand, blend the staying 1/4 cup of milk and cornstarch together.

    4 When the milk is hardly simmering, blend in the milk and cornstarch mix. Continue to blend till the milk pertains to a low simmer, and after that simmer for 1 minute. Throughout this time, the milk needs to thicken enough that it would coat the back of a spoon.

    5 Turn the heat to low, and after that stir in the cream cheese and the torn or shredded cheese, handful by handful so that it merges the sauce.

    6 When the cheese is entirely melted and is smooth, include the green chilies, jalapeño (optional), and jalapeño pickle juice (optional). We include all of the green chilies, however you can include less; include a tablespoon at a time till you enjoy.

    7 Taste the dip, and after that, if the taste does not pop, change with a bit more salt. Serve warm with chips

Adam and Joanne’s Tips

  • Cheese: We enjoy the taste mix of sharp cheddar and a moderate melty cheese like Monterey or Pepper Jack, however queso made by doing this is a bit thicker and somewhat less smooth than what comes out of a container or what you are served at dining establishments. For a silky smooth, virtually solid queso, swap half of the cheese for American cheese– just tear the pieces into little pieces. It is the American cheese that more carefully imitates jarred or restaurant-style queso. (More description about the very best cheeses to utilize in queso remains in the post above.)
  • Reheating the queso: Warm the queso gradually in a pan on the range. Reheating too rapidly can trigger the dip to break on you (which will indicate a few of the fat separates). Utilizing American cheese or the cream cheese (next suggestion) is an excellent fail-safe versus the queso breaking.
  • Cream cheese: If you protest utilizing American cheese, think about including the cream cheese recommended in the recipe above. This does smooth the sauce out and makes reheating a bit simpler. If you do utilize the American cheese, you ought to not require the cream cheese (unless you wish to include a lot more velvety cheese taste).
  • Nutrition truths: The nutrition truths supplied below are price quotes. We have actually utilized the USDA database to determine approximate worths.

Nutrition Per Serving
Serving Size
1/4 cup
Overall Fat
13.7 g
Hydrogenated Fat
7.9 g
40.1 mg
311.5 mg
4.7 g
Dietary Fiber
0.4 g
Overall Sugars
2.8 g
7.3 g


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