Invite to the weekend, my good friends! It sure did feel additional cold today, after investing a lot time in Phoenix. The fall leaves and accompanying cold weather condition have actually shown up and I’m caring my stunning Ohio world. There was even talk of snow here today, however I didn’t capture a single snowflake. Did you?

Are you prepared for sweatshirt weather condition and winter season comfort? Or are you longing for a couple of more days of sunlight and shorts? My meal prepare for this coming week sure is prepared for the cold nights, so I hope I am too!

ON THE BLOG SITES TODAY: Cajun dipping sauce is the supporting star of many meals, offering a fiery, smoky punch with each bite. (Not a fan of excessive heat? Simply call down the cayenne in the recipe listed below.)

We did a stovetop seafood boil today with shrimp, potatoes, corn, and sausage, boiled in a tasty spicy broth, and included an abundance of extra fresh veggies! This was a severe winner of a meal, my good friends– and it was so simple to do athome It’s going to be on the routine rotation now.

With a lot of buttered corn taste, Corn Spoonbread is a traditional home cooking that will keep you returning for more.

All of the tasty tastes of timeless lasagna are loaded into a sweet and somewhat charred bell pepper to make these Lasagna Stuffed Peppers. This supper is an ensured win for anybody who likes lasagna and can’t get enough of bell peppers.

Is it a salad or a dessert? A dreamy mix of cream cheese, vanilla pudding, and whipped cream is filled with juicy little bits of sweet tropical fruit in this Pineapple Fluff Salad.

Cinnamon Ice Cream is a sweet, abundant, vanilla custard ice cream spiced with adequate cinnamon to remain after each bite.

Spiced pumpkin puree is topped with a crispy, cinnamon sugar oat fall apart in this Pumpkin Crisp, making it the ideal fall reward.

What I’m yearning: Have you become aware of a Yogurt Pie ?? My pal Jen’s pie captured my eye today and now I can’t understand out of my mind. I can’t wait to have fun with some enjoyable taste mixes!

My FAVORITE THING today is this low-cost ladle. It’s a ridiculous little thing to get so ecstatic about, and up until you have actually attempted it you may not comprehend. A buddy of mine had a comparable ladle a while back and I have actually been on the hunt for among my own.

The front of the ladle is flat, making it possible to quickly scoop every bit of food from the bottom of a soup pot. Why aren’t all ladles made by doing this??? It’s favorably dazzling!

What I’m LISTENING to: Stunt by Barenaked Ladies. This album is 20+ years of ages and I still take pleasure in the playlist as much as I did when we purchased it on CD. I listened to it while cleaning up recently and enjoyed every tune. I simply saw that they have a brand-new album out however, so I downloaded it today. I’ll let you understand what I think about the brand-new music next week.

” Pals come and good friends go, however a real pal supports you like household.” Sayings 18:24 The Message

Wanting you a stunning week loaded with little things that make you smile!