Succulent and mouthwatering, a completely prepared spiral ham is the focal point of lots of vacation tables and celebratory banquets. However the course to attaining that perfect balance of juicy inflammation and abundant, caramelized glaze can be as winding as the cut of the ham itself. Whether it’s your very first venture into preparing this timeless meal or you’re aiming to best your approach, this recipe will direct you through the necessary actions to prepare a spiral ham that is both tasty and aesthetically spectacular. We’ll unwrap the tricks to mastering this joyful preferred, guaranteeing your spiral ham is the talk of the table.

Spiral ham in a baking dish.

Master the art of spiral ham with a blend of abundant tastes, matched by your option of luscious glazes.

Glaze Choices

Each glaze brings an unique taste profile to your spiral ham:

  • Orange Balsamic Glaze: An unified mix of tasty and sweet, the orange juice offers a citrusy punch, while balsamic vinegar uses a depth of taste.
  • Brown Sugar Dijon Glaze: This glaze is a wonderful balance of sweet taste from the brown sugar and a minor piquant touch from the dijon. The apple juice rounds it off with a mild fruity note.

Food Security Idea From the Chef

When cooking your spiral ham, guarantee the internal temperature level reaches 140 ° F, particularly if it’s precooked. Utilizing a meat thermometer can offer a precise reading. This makes sure that the ham is both tasty and safe to consume.

Often Asked Concerns

What makes a spiral ham various from a routine ham?

A spiral ham is pre-sliced in a spiral style, permitting even cooking and simple serving.

Can I utilize the glaze that includes my acquired ham?

Definitely! Numerous hams featured their glaze packages, which are customized for that particular item. Do not hesitate to utilize it or select among our homemade glazes.

Is it needed to utilize a glaze when cooking spiral ham?

While not strictly needed, a glaze boosts the taste profile of the ham, offering it that signature caramelized external layer.

Can I make this in a sluggish cooker?

You definitely can!

Making this in the sluggish cooker needs some liquid, so you’ll require to begin by including 1/2 cup of apple juice into the bottom of your sluggish cooker. Then, include your ham, cut side face-down. Put half of the glaze over the ham, and ensure to get a few of that glaze in between the layers. Cover and prepare on low for 4-5 hours.

See our complete guide on cooking ham in a sluggish cooker!

Sliced spiral ham on a white serving platter.Sliced spiral ham on a white serving platter.


  • Brown Sugar: honey can be an appropriate alternative to brown sugar.
  • Dijon Mustard: If you do not like dijon, you can utilize a milder mustard or merely omit it.


  • Overcooking: Among the most typical errors. If the ham ends up dry, think about serving with a sauce or gravy to include wetness.
  • Unequal Glazing: To prevent this, guarantee the glaze is spread out equally, and baste routinely.
  • Not Defrosting Correctly: This can result in unequal cooking. Constantly thaw your ham in the fridge well ahead of cooking.

Storage, Freezing & & Reheating Guidelines

Leftovers? No issue. Shop your ham in an airtight container in the fridge for as much as 5 days. For longer storage, think about freezing parts in freezer bags, guaranteeing all air is eliminated. When reheating, thaw in the fridge over night. Warm it in the oven at a lower temperature level, around 275 degrees Fahrenheit, till warmed through.

Keep in mind, the secret is to keep the ham’s wetness, so think about covering it with foil throughout reheating.

Do not let your leftovers go to squander!