A homemade Oreo cookie crust is basic to make, yet tempting. Fill with your preferred pie filling and prepare to impress!

Taking your dessert video game up a notch begins with mastering fundamental components, and what could be a much better start than an Oreo cookie crust? This wonderful base can be the game-changer for numerous desserts. Its chocolatey, crispy texture integrated with a tip of creaminess makes it a preferred for any ages. Whether you’re aiming to make a timeless cheesecake or checking out a brand-new dessert innovation, this crust is a must-try. It’s everything about the ideal balance of taste and crisp, guaranteeing your dessert stands apart.

Regularly Asked Concerns

Can I make this crust without a food mill?

Definitely! While a food mill makes the task quicker, you can likewise utilize a rolling pin to squash the cookies inside a sealed plastic bag.

Is this crust just for cold desserts?

Not. This crust works terrific for both cold and baked desserts.

Can I make this in a 9 × 13 pan?

Yes! You will simply wish to double therecipe

Can I make an Oreo cookie crust gluten-free?

Definitely! Gluten-free Oreos are definitely scrumptious and work well as a gluten-free replacement.


  • Oreos: If you do not have Oreo cookies on hand, any chocolate sandwich cookie ought to work. Simply bear in mind the sweet taste level.
  • Melted Butter: Improved coconut oil or a plant-based butter replacement can be great dairy-free choices.

Tips From the Chef

  • Guarantee your cookies are carefully squashed. This guarantees a constant texture and makes the pushing much easier.
  • When pushing the mix into the pan, utilizing the back of a spoon or a flat cup assists attain an even layer.
  • If you’re utilizing a 9 × 13 pan, doubling the recipe is suggested for the very best outcomes.
A homemade Oreo cookie crust in a pie plate.

Freezing Guidelines

For longer storage, think about freezing your crust. Location the crust, still in its pie plate, into the freezer up until strong. As soon as frozen, cover in cling wrap and aluminum foil, and it needs to benefit approximately 3 months. To utilize a frozen crust, no requirement to thaw; simply include your filling and bake as typical.

Storage Guidelines

Saving your Oreo cookie crust is a breeze. If you have actually made it ahead of time, you can cool the unbaked crust, covered, for approximately 3 days.

For ready pie leftovers, cover the pie with cling wrap and keep cooled for approximately 5 days.