Embellishing a Christmas cake can appear complicated, particularly if you’re not the arty type This is the most convenient method to embellish your Christmas cake so it looks basic and stylish. No art abilities needed, and it can be carried out in 20 minutes

Tall side-on image showing a simple decorated Christmas cake - with a green ribbon surrounding the cake, white fondant snow flakes and mini Christmas trees on top. The cake is on a wooden cake stand on a kitchen surface with glowy lights and a bowl of fruit in the background.


  • Location the cake on a cake stand or plate (whatever you will be serving it on).

    1 x 20cm (8 inch) Christmas fruit cake

  • Location the apricot jam in a little bowl and heat in the microwave for 15-30 seconds, up until it chills out (or heat in a pan for a 30-60 seconds). Then stir so it’s an even consistency throughout.

    4 tablespoon smooth apricot jam (jelly in U.S.A.)

  • Brush the apricot jam all over the leading and sizes of the cake, utilizing a pastry brush. Attempt not to get any on the cake stand or plate.

  • Unroll the marzipan and location it on top of the cake. Smooth the marzipan down all over. I like to position the marzipan wrapper (this is generally a sheet or plastic or greaseproof paper) on the cake then smooth it down with my fingers, and after that peel the wrapper withdraw. This stops you getting sticky fingers.

    1 roll golden marzipan

  • If you discover any swellings or folds of marzipan around the sides of the cake, merely squash them flat.

  • To make sure a cool edge to the marzipan, utilize the rounded handle-end of a table knife to press the marzipan in at the location where the bottom of the cake satisfies the cake stand. Once it’s pressed in, utilize the knife to cut off the excess marzipan.

  • Unroll among the rolls of fondant icing and put on the cake. Smooth it down and cut off the excess in the exact same method you did the marzipan.

    2 rolls white fondant icing

  • Now to embellish the cake. First cover a single layer of green ribbon around the cake. I utilize 20mm ( 3/4 inch) broad, dark green satin ribbon. Cut the ribbon so it’s 1-2 cm longer then the size of the cake. protect the ribbon in location utilizing a little piece of tape.

  • Unroll the 2nd roll of fondant icing. Spray the icing with a great cleaning of confectioners’ sugar.

    2 tablespoon confectioners’ sugar

  • Usage snowflake cutters to eliminate little snowflake shapes. I utilize 3 various sizes and eliminate about 8-10 snowflakes entirely.

  • Organize the snowflakes on one side of the cake utilizing a small blob of apricot jam to protect each snowflake to the cake.

  • Arrange mini Christmas trees on the other side of the cake. I like to utilize 3 various sizes. Once again, you can protect the Christmas trees utilizing a little blob of apricot jam.

  • The cake is prepared to present and serve.

  • Eliminate the ribbon and trees before serving.

✎ Notes

Keep In Mind 1 Apricot Jam It is very important to utilize smooth jam (jelly) without any bits in to make sure no swellings reveal through the marzipan/icing layer.
You can switch out the apriocot jam for smooth plum jam (jelly in U.S.A.) or smooth marmalade if you like a little tangyness.
Keep In Mind 2 – Marzipan One roll of marzipan suffices to cover the cake, however if you like a THICK layer of marzipan, you can utilize 2 rolls. Include the very first layer of marzipan, smooth it out and cut off the excess, then repeat with a 2nd roll/layer of marzipan. There’s no requirement to include anymore apricot jam in between the layers, they ought to stick simply great. I generally do a double layer as my other half, Chris, enjoys marzipan. Do not you require to let the marzipan dry before topping with icing? Conventional Christmas cakes, utilizing homemade marzipan and royal icing need the marzipan layer to dry a little before embellishing with icing. This is due to the fact that the oils from the marzipan can permeate through royal icing. Nevertheless, if you’re utilizing ready-rolled, store-bought marzipan and fondant icing, there’s no requirement to dry the marzipan before including the fondant icing. Can I marzipan and ice the cake right after feeding it? If you have actually made your Christmas cake a couple of weeks beforehand and have actually been ‘feeding’ it with alcohol, it’s an excellent concept to wait 2 days after the last feeding before you marzipan and ice it. This is to make sure the alcohol has actually soaked into the cake completely and will not permeate through the marzipan. Keeping A Christmas cake embellished with marzipan and fondant icing ought to last 3-4 weeks if you cover it well. Covering it will avoid the icing from solidifying. I advise covering in a layer of baking parchment (get rid of the mini Christmas trees first – they can go back on when you serve it), followed by a layer of foi l. Then shop in a cake tin or air-tight container, in a cool space (the refrigerator is too cold).

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