Roasted beets are the very best method to highlight the earthy, sweet tastes of this scrumptious root vegetable! Serve tender oven-roasted beets as a simple side meal or as a vibrant addition to your preferred salads.

Recipe Introduction.

Why you’ll like it: Roasting is a simple method to take pleasure in beets and all their sweet, smoky goodness. This recipe is just skilled therefore scrumptious!

For how long it takes: 15 minutes to prep, thirty minutes of roasting

Devices you’ll require: a bowl and a rimmed baking sheet

Portions: 3 portions

Overhead view of chopped roasted beets.Overhead view of chopped roasted beets.

Perfect Oven Roasted Beets

Ruby-red roasted beets hurt and caramelized on the within and crisp and browned on the outdoors, and they combine so well with many meal concepts. Roasting is among our preferred methods to prepare these tasty garden gems, and it’s so simple to do. The oven draws out beets’ earthy, sweet, smokiness and with simply a couple of basic flavorings, they end up unbelievable. Whether you’re a bonafide beet enthusiast or if you’re seeking to provide a shot, we’re sharing all our ideas for completely roasted beets. This technique is really un- beet- able!

Why You’ll Love This Roasted Beets Recipe

  • Easy technique. Roasting beets is extremely simple, and if you have actually never ever dealt with beets in the past, you’re going to like this fast technique.
  • Locks in the color and taste. Oven roasting is the very best method to prepare beets so that they do not bleed their purple color. Roasting locks in all the sweet juices and tastes and browns the outdoors completely.
  • Versatile. Serve your roasted beets as a rewarding side meal or include them to more recipes, like salads, soups, and grain bowls. This recipe is fantastic for meal preparation!
Roasted beets in a white bowl.Roasted beets in a white bowl.

What Are Beets?

Beets, likewise called beetroot, are root veggies with big, round bulbs and leafy stems, comparable to radishes or turnips (though they aren’t in the exact same household). Beets are available in numerous colors varying from brilliant red to yellow, to striped. The most typical kind of beet you’ll see in shops, and envisioned here, is the red beet, or garden beet, which is dark red in color.

Fresh beets with greens still attached.Fresh beets with greens still attached.

What You’ll Require

This technique utilizes straightforward ingredients to highlight the beautiful natural tastes of red beets. Below are some notes on what you’ll require. Do not forget to scroll to the recipe card at the bottom of the post with the complete recipe measurements and guidelines.

  • Beets— You’ll require 3 medium-sized beets or as numerous as you ‘d like.
  • Olive Oil— Usage top quality additional virgin olive oil or avocado oil for roasting.
  • Flavorings— All you require to highlight the earthy sweet taste of roasted beets is salt, pepper, rosemary, and garlic powder.
Ingredients needed for recipe, overhead view.Ingredients needed for recipe, overhead view.

Preparing Beets for the Oven

Beets require to be cleaned and their green leaves must be eliminated before cooking. Here’s how to quickly prep your beets for roasting:

  • Wash the beets. Provide your beets a light scrub under cold water to eliminate any dirt or particles.
  • Cut. Utilize a sharp knife to cut off the top and bottom of each beet.
  • Peel and slice. Peeling isn’t obligatory, however for this recipe, I like to peel the beets to actually let the flavorings sink in. Utilize a potato peeler or paring knife to peel them, then cut the beets into 1-inch cubes.

Prevent Beet Juice Stains.

Beet juice has a beautiful however extreme, brilliant purple color that can periodically stain skin and nails (and cutting boards!). I suggest using gloves and an apron when dealing with beets to secure your hands and clothes from staining.

How to Roast Beets

It takes minutes to have your peeled and cut beets prepared for the oven. Here’s how to make best roasted beets:

Season the beets. As soon as your beets are peeled and cut into cubes, toss them in a bowl with oil and flavorings to coat.

Cubed beets in a bowl, seasoned, but not yet cooked.Cubed beets in a bowl, seasoned, but not yet cooked.

Roast. Spread the skilled beets out in an even layer on a rimmed baking sheet, then position them into the oven at 425ºF for thirty minutes. Provide the beets a stir midway through.

Uncooked diced beets on a sheet pan, ready to be roasted.Uncooked diced beets on a sheet pan, ready to be roasted.

Enjoy! When the beets are browned and fork-tender, take them out and serve! See listed below for simple serving recommendations.

Roasted beets on a sheet pan.Roasted beets on a sheet pan.

Can I Make Whole Roasted Beets Rather?

Yes! To make entire roasted beets, you’ll require about 2 pounds of smaller sized beets (about 2 inches in size). Cut them and clean them before you begin. My preferred simple technique for cooking entire beets is to roast the beets in foil. Here’s how to do it:

Wrap the beets. Include your entire beets to a sheet of aluminum foil, spray them with water, and cover them up. I suggest positioning the covered beets onto a flat pan simply in case the foil package leakages in the oven.

Roast. Prepare the beets in foil for 60 minutes, or till they’re fork-tender. Permit the beets to cool.

Peel. After cooking, the peels must move straight off (utilize a paper towel, and ensure to secure your hands with cooking area gloves!). Your entire roasted beets are prepared to serve or save.

Cooked whole beets on a platter.Cooked whole beets on a platter.

Recipe Tips

Here are some last ideas for turning these basic root veggies into outright taste bombs:

  • If you remain in a rush, avoid the peeling. The peels are completely edible and your roasted beets will still taste fantastic. Simply provide a great scrub with a veggie brush.
  • Evaluate the beets for doneness. Your beets are ended up roasting when they’re quickly pierced with a fork or a skewer, comparable to potatoes. Start inspecting them at the 30-minute mark.
  • For how long to roast beets depends upon whether they’re entire or sliced, and your private oven. A lot of diced beets take about thirty minutes, while entire roasted beets take about 60 minutes covered in foil.
  • Do not overcook. Roasting caramelizes the sugars in the beets, however exaggerating it can trigger the sugars to burn. This can trigger roasted beets to turn bitter. Ensure to check for doneness and take the beets out as soon as they’re fork-tender.

Make These Roasted Beets Your Own

Wanting to spice things up even more? Attempt these simple variation concepts:

  • Include some crunch. A simple method to include texture to roasted beets is to top them with crushed walnuts, pistachios, or pecans.
  • Include cheese. Creamy, appetizing goat cheese or feta sets magnificently with the sweet taste in the beets.
  • Garnish the beets with newly sliced parsley or thyme leaves.
  • Various flavoring. Experiment with various tastes by tossing the beets in versatile flavoring or Italian flavoring.
  • Trying to find another scrumptious method to prepare beets? Attempt fast and simple air fryer beets.

Ways to Serve Roasted Beets

Beets set splendidly with citrus, and I like slicing roasted beets to include as a tasty element to a citrus salad with mint, honey, and lime. These roasted beets likewise make a terrific side meal to grilled citrus beef skewers or grilled pork kebabs in the summer. They’re likewise scrumptious beside pasta recipes like pasta amatriciana or packed shells.

Turn these roasted beets into a beet salad topped with feta or goat cheese, or include them to other wintery salad recipes, like a kale and pear salad or this roasted cauliflower salad with sweet potato and arugula. They likewise make a terrific addition to grain bowls.

Saving and Reheating Leftover Beets

  • Refrigerator. Shop any remaining roasted beets airtight in the refrigerator for as much as 1 week. They’re scrumptious cold, or you can warm them up in the microwave or in the oven till they’re warmed through once again.
  • Freezer. You can freeze roasted beets in a freezer-safe container or bag for as much as 3-4 months. Thaw them in the refrigerator before serving or reheating.

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Roasted beets on a sheet pan, sprinkled with rosemary.Roasted beets on a sheet pan, sprinkled with rosemary.

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Prepare Time: 30 minutes

Overall Time: 45 minutes

3 portions

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Roasted beets hurt and caramelized on the within and completely browned on the exterior. It’s the very best method to open the earthy sweet taste of this simple root veggie!


  • Preheat oven to 425 ° F.

  • Peel beets and cut into 1/2 inch cubes. Attempt to cut them as equally as possible so they roast equally.

  • In a medium sized bowl, toss the cubed beets with the oil, salt, pepper, rosemary and garlic powder till well-coated.

  • Organize beets in a single layer in a rimmed sheet pan (14 x 10 inch). Bake for 15 minutes, eliminate from oven, stir, and bake for another 15 minutes or till beets hurt and golden brown.


  • Shop covered in refrigerator for as much as a week.

Entire Roasted Beets:
You’ll require 2 pounds beets, cut and scrubbed (about 2 inches in size)

  1. Preheat oven to 400 ° F.
  2. Organize beets on a sheet of aluminum foil. Spray a couple tablespoons of water over the beets. Wrap firmly and location onto a flat pan (simply in case they leakage!). Prepare for 60 minutes (for big beets) or till quickly pierced with a fork. Cooking time will differ depending upon the size of the beets.
  3. Cool a little till you can manage them before utilizing a paper towel to rub off peel. To prevent staining your hands, use tidy cooking area gloves.

Nutrition Details

Calories: 78 kcal, Carbohydrates: 8 g, Protein: 1 g, Fat: 5 g, Hydrogenated Fat: 1 g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 1 g, Monounsaturated Fat: 3 g, Salt: 452 mg, Potassium: 272 mg, Fiber: 2 g, Sugar: 6 g, Vitamin A: 28 IU, Vitamin C: 4 mg, Calcium: 14 mg, Iron: 1 mg

This site supplies approximate nutrition info for benefit and as a courtesy just. Nutrition information is collected mainly from the USDA Food Structure Database, whenever offered, or otherwise other online calculators.

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