What would you state about roast garlic potatoes you dug of the bowl and consumed with your finger, even before supper begun? Hey, when it’s simply you and your partner, there’s no issue consuming them that method. Seems like we liked them, huh?!

And After That, since life in some cases actions in, our supper prepares altered, and the chicken and mashed potatoes we were expected to have for supper that night needed to be delayed till the next night, and both of those meals entered into the fridge.

We wound up reheating some remaining cornmeal-crust pizza for supper, however since we could not stop thinking of those darn mashed potatoes, we had a bowl of the mashed potatoes with the pizza. The potatoes didn’t always opt for the pizza, however we sure wished to have more of them. Seems like they’re a winner, would not you state?