Open the complete capacity of your remaining turkey with one (or more) of these fantastic remaining roast turkey recipes that will change your post-holiday meals into incredibly delicious suppers. We have actually handpicked a choice of varied and scrumptious methods to transform that remaining turkey. Bid farewell to uninteresting Christmas or thanksgiving leftovers!

A collage of 4 pictures showing different meals made with leftover turkey.

I might most likely consume a hundred remaining turkey sandwiches in a row before I get tired.

Preferably with lashings of salted butter, a pinch of salt, remaining stuffing, cranberry sauce, and possibly a roast potato or 2, all dipped in some warmed-up remaining gravy.

Christmas day nights would not be the very same without among those butties. Even if I’m still complete from supper, I can constantly discover a little bit of space!!

Nevertheless, I understand Chris and the kids most likely would not enjoy with sandwiches for supper every night up until January, so here is a collection of recipes for consuming that remaining Turkey, OR recipes that utilize remaining chicken – which obviously can quickly be switched out for Turkey.

The Leftover Turkey Recipes

Leftover Turkey Risotto Recipe